Autism is a disease that can be detected during pregnancy

    Autism is a disease that can be detected during pregnancy

    Autism is a disease that can be detected during pregnancy 

    Dr. Ali Shushan, a psychiatrist, has a number of theories suggesting that autism occurs during the child's formation and through the environment as a key factor in the occurrence of the disease. He says: It is not important how the most important event is to treat genetic disorder as a result of this type of mental illness for children, which makes them less interactive with the surrounding world They do not even want to sit with their colleagues.

    He explained that a large part of the treatment is about how they interact with the outside world in terms of behavior and attention, by going to a specialist in communication because, as we mentioned, the autistic child is late to speak so he has to go to a speech counselor so that he can speak well, He should also go to a nursery for children to interact with children like him in certain cases determined by the specialist.

    "Signs of autism appear early on the child and we notice them in some behaviors, such as introversion and introversion, so that they do not speak easily or have a kind of hostility towards others, as well as school delays and failure to respond to any call to him. Alone and late in speech and is more like a programmer repeated the word many times at the same time and sometimes disturbed by external influences such as light or loud voice or touch.

    Shushan advises the mother to observe these symptoms on her baby from birth. Depending on the degree of the disease, she feels that he is suffering from something abnormal because some children have early symptoms and some are not noticed until they grow up.

    He explains that there are cases where treatment can succeed and parents can adapt to the nature of their child and coexist with them and meet his needs after his condition improves. Sometimes the treatment does not work, and the safest solution is to move the child to live in a center that takes into account its different abilities
    The incidence of autism among children is 1.5 percent worldwide and most in boys, not girls. This is due to genes and has no specific causes.

    "The world's view of those who suffer from autism began to change. After they saw him living in another kingdom or describing him as insane, many of them now know the nature of the disease and encourage its treatment," says Shushan.

    He points out that the nature of the children's genius is focused on one thing at a time and one point at a time, making their prophecies unlike ordinary people who are distracted in dozens of subjects at the same time. Parents should be fully aware that even after treatment, they will not be as efficient as ordinary children.

    To reduce the risk of autism, the pregnant woman may go to perform gene analyzes for each period in order to reassure the child that he or she is normal or suffers from a defect in the genes.

    A recent study confirmed that the infection of the pregnant woman with the flu does not increase the risk of the newborn's autism or mental retardation, but high temperature during pregnancy or diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity may cause these problems to the child.

    The study aimed to detect factors that occur during pregnancy and cause an increased risk of autism in children
    The researchers examined data from 1,000 children, including 462 children with autism disorders, and examined mothers' reports of flu and fever during pregnancy.

    There is no association between autism or other mental retardation and maternal influenza infection at any stage of pregnancy, but they found that many mothers of children with autism were at high levels of autism, according to the study's author and deputy director of the Davis Institute at the University of California, Irva Hertzbisoto. Heat during pregnancy, and increased risk if they develop fever during the third trimester of pregnancy, according to a statement.

    A study by the Medical Research Council of Britain, which included 516 twins, found autism was caused by genetic factors ranging from 74 to 98 percent.

    A team of researchers at Royal College of London showed that 181 of the adolescents studied had autism, and the rate was significantly higher among similar twins who share the same DNA.

    Dozens, if not hundreds of genes, play a role in the disease, and they do not rule out environmental factors altogether, the researchers told the Gamma Psychiatry.

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