Museums in Berlin .. and 8 museums of the most beautiful museums of the beautiful city "Berlin"

    Museums in Berlin .. Dear tourist If you are a fan of art, archeology, history or modern technology, we assure you that Berlin is your ideal destination where wonderful museums that satisfy all tastes, you can not visit ..

    Berlin has a large collection of beautiful museums in various fields. It includes exquisite antiquities and works of art that appeal to all. The museums include monuments from different countries. The most famous of them is the Egyptian statue of Nefertiti. It is one of the most famous monuments, as well as the paintings of the famous artists such as Giotto, Caravaggio The museums of Berlin are as important as the museums of Paris, New York or London, especially because the Germans were always making exploratory trips to different parts of the land in the 19th century and collecting things like the antiques and the antiquities and returning home and keeping them.

    The Bergamon Museum

    The museum is one of the largest museums in Berlin and is frequented by tourists in large numbers to see the ancient antiquities and monuments, including the restored ones. The most important of these monuments is the "Pilgrim's Altar" which tells the legend of the battle between the Roman and Roman gods. The Roman market and the Ishtar gate with its beautiful yellow and blue tiles certainly took its souvenir pictures. The museum also has a beautiful collection of masterpieces of Islamic art in 14 halls of the museum and many historical artifacts.

    Topography of Horror Museum

    The museum was built in 2010 during the 65th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. The building was built on the site of the Nazi secret police which was destroyed by the Allies in the last war as a kind of emphasis on the museum's handling of the World War. It is one of the most important museums in Berlin. We do not recommend you to take the children because the museum has a collection of items that do not suit them. It reveals the methods of tyranny and torture of Hitler and his group in addition to pictures of criminals and killings in World War.

    Museum of East Germany

    The museum shows visitors the lifestyle of Germany during the Communist period, as well as the famous Trabant cars at the time. The museum is located in the heart of Berlin so it is easy to go to. The museum has a beautiful view of the water and there is a coffee shop next to it. Wonderful atmosphere and a fun time together with your family.

    Museum of the history of cinema in Berlin

    Dear visitor If you are interested in cinema, do not miss visiting this museum to know how to make films such as tools and clothes, screens and pictures of artists and the museum provides designs for life in the Middle Ages and about a thousand film tells the story of the city and historical stories and beautiful places.

    German Historical Museum

    Dear visitor If you want to know the history of Germany, please visit the German Historical Museum, which will give you the history of Germany through all ages through the acquisition of a large collection of antiques, about 8 thousand historical pieces on an area of ​​up to 7500 square meters, the museum tells visitors Various historical events and the development of social life and ways of living and economic conditions, and the museum is characterized by beautiful architecture designed by the famous architect "IM Bai" and the museum organizes various exhibitions on large areas and beautiful scenery and visitors from all over the world.

    German Technical Museum

    Dear visitor, visit the German Technical Museum if you are a lover of culture and art because the museum shows the cultural and artistic history of Germany in addition to scientific experiments and of course will draw your attention to the external shape of the presence of a plane above its surface, the museum is characterized by its large area, which reaches 26 thousand square meters, The largest museum in Europe. Its location is of great historical importance because it is located at the intersection of the old railway routes. You can take your children to learn a lot about communication, traffic, navigation, space and other fields.

    Old Altis Museum

    Located on the island of museums, it was built in 1823-1830. The museum is one of the most beautiful features of classical architecture. We recommend that you visit the museum to see classical antiques, gold coins, Greek and Roman sculptures. Also on the main floor are statues of stone and bronze, Mosaics, gold, silver as well as artistic forms such as Cleopatra and other kings, Roman and Roman coffins, and the museum's art.

    Bode Museum

    The Museum of Bode is located on the Museum Island in Berlin in the far north. It has a great view of the river. If you are looking at it, you will feel like a huge ship. The museum was renovated more than once and reopened to the public in 2006. The museum is divided into three parts. The Middle Ages and the second part of the Byzantine art from the 13th to the 15th century. The most important traces of this art are the Roman coffins and the ivory sculptures decorated with the Vives. Part III The currency locker, which has great Greek, Greek and Islamic coins. If you are accompanied by your children, They will enjoy playing at The showroom is designed to give them the opportunity to experience new and different things and beautiful.

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