Dark Souls 3
    Dark Souls 3

    The name of the game and its link to the Steam store: DARK SOULS ™ III - Download
    - Type: Action
    - Developer: FromSoftware, Inc.
    - Publisher: FromSoftware, Inc., BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
    - Release Date: 2016-04-12
    - Ability to play individually.
    - Ability to play multiplayer online.
    - Full support for the control hand (for those who want to play on the computer).
    - Hardware: PC, PS4, Xbox One
    • The story of the game:
    • In fact, Dark Soles 3 has a very complex story. It has many characters that we had previously met in one of the old parts, in addition to completely new characters. Each of these characters has new importance and things that will be added to the game in a wonderful way. You do not need to play the previous parts until you play this part, but you will understand much more details if you have done. In short, it is the kingdom of Lothric .. where the end of the world will or will not be .. Alone the warrior of darkness .. Reincarnated souls .. Who will decide the inevitable destiny .. It (The Ashen One) .. In this intense conflict .. Between light and darkness .. The only way to salvation will be the elimination of (The Lords of Cinder) .. Is that possible already ?!
    • Play style:
    • The DARK SOULS series has been on a very high level since the start of its first part. For some, it was a source of frustration no more and no less. But for the larger segment of the professional players, it was a source of inspiration, enhancement of capabilities and a shipment of positive energies away from any negativity, despair or surrender. It is simply a list of the challenge and focus .. Patience and maneuver .. Not everything you see before you are allowed to access it from the moment of discovery .. In fact will not be able in many cases to approach him or appear in front of him publicly .. We are talking about hundreds of enemies .. Dozens of primary and secondary leaders .. And also about the treasures and innumerable secrets in every inch and angle.
    • Behind every wall is a monster that is deadly. There may be a buried treasure or a hidden secret .. Luck may bring you to one form or another. Your ability to dive, love of sounding and exploring may be the key to reaching all that is distinctive.
    • In DARK SOULS III as an RPG game you will begin building your unique personality with all its details, abilities, features, weapons, shields, and even its appearance. Everything is under your control and under your control to control it as you wish.

    • You will initially choose your personality, gender and even age. There are some presets that you can select or rely on as a starting point for full personal editing. The face and its features, the hair and the way it is styled and colored .. eyebrows, beard in the case of the personal male .. and the color of the skin .. The body and its magnitude and shape in all parts .. Everything without exception .. You may spend several hours and you are only building your personality already .. After So you will be able to choose features that will turn the quality and style of playing completely and make it completely different. Where you have several basic classifications that differ in their style of play and their dependence on a certain quality of weapons, capabilities, and so forth. These categories include Knight, Mercenary, Warrior, Thief, Pyromancer, and others. Also there is a category called "Deprived" that gives you a full balance between all the abilities to choose later according to your style of play what you want to focus more on personalization in your full style by distributing the points of character building as you wish.
    • After building your character you will find yourself in direct contact with the monsters of darkness in all its forms, varieties and sizes. You will have to proceed with caution always and not rush to move from point to point to give yourself the opportunity to clash with one enemy or two maximum .. Otherwise, the meeting of three monsters around you or more may be a quick and inevitable outcome of the death of personal .. Never tolerate you. When you receive a blow, make sure that it will have a profound impact on your personality no matter what.
    • The game is from the perspective of the third person as in the former two parts of the Solz series. The style of play this time is similar to what was presented in the second part of the series (Dark Souls II). You will have a wide variety of options in terms of weapons, gear, armor and clothing that you can use for attack, attack and defense.
    • You will find three very important indicators in the upper-left corner of the screen. The first is the power indicator (HP), which represents personal energy and health. The rate of energy can be greatly increased with time, progress and personal development to be able to receive more hits before they die.
    • The next indicator is the Focus Indicator (FP) that allows you to use the personal capabilities that you own, as well as any available blows or magic features. The third indicator is Stamina or Stamina, which plays an important role in the ability to move, maneuver and use weapons optimally.
    • You must consider that each character has nine important characteristics or attributes by adding and adding points to one or several of them that will make your personality distinctive in some way. These characteristics are necessary for the use of heavy weapons and to improve the force of attacks. They also positively affect the ability of your character to withstand fire strikes and increase the rate of damage to enemies on the other hand.
    • Stability or Endurance controls the amount and quantity of your Stamina that we have talked about previously. It also increases your risk of beatings, electric shocks or bleeding. There are also other characteristics such as Faith, Luck, Vigor, Attunement, etc., each of which has its own positive effects on character and overall performance.
    • The game also offers the Bonfires feature, which has returned to us from the previous parts and acts as points. It is used to move from region to area quickly or to refill all indicators (HP), (FP) and (Stamina) .. But in return will cause the emergence of all the monsters that you killed and return to place to be forced to Confront them, eliminate them or at least avoid them. The game provides you with magic mixes (Estus Flasks) gives you the ability to instantaneously refill both the points of energy and focus.
    • As for the most important points of the game is the battles and clashes between you and the enemies. As mentioned, developers in this part focused on significantly increasing the speed of strikes as well as overall personality movement. This has made it possible to score more hits with greater impact more frequently and with less time. I found great pleasure in that as a result of the presence of large numbers of enemies scattered everywhere and the urgent need to damage each of them as soon as possible in order to pay attention to the next before I allow him to hit him vicious to me. Here comes the importance of the correction feature, which makes you able to determine your goal in each blow you pay to one of them .. The importance of movement and correction immediately between several enemies at the same time and thus guide several strokes sequentially and technically terrible.
    • And each of them is affected by the type of weapons more than the rest of the weapons, and you have to discover this and exercise their weaknesses to win your battles more smoothly and quickly and effectively, and even provide your energy and resources for your major battles against the leaders. In this respect, in DARK SOULS III you will find a fantastic imagination diversity in terms of leaders. Each of them has a unique personality that can not be forgotten. In fact, developers have innovated shapes of leaders with varying designs and sizes that combine hardness, strength and fear. These battles will be for you the biggest challenge ever in the game. The most beautiful of the battles of the leaders is the transformation that strikes some of them in a dazzling way to reach a certain point to indicate his anger. This transformation will ensure you a new challenge of very serious and fierce. And here you have to focus heavily on the timing factor and correct and avoid strikes and attacks by the leader against you by all means possible .. either through the roll or roll or retreat or even the strike of magic and others.
    • Finally, with regard to the multi-player phase, as we have used in the previous two parts, this feature has returned with many additions and improvements. Several methods and methods have been introduced to start individual or even cooperative challenges with the game community.
    • The DARK SOULS III game is very huge. It has many features and secrets. In fact, what you have mentioned so far is only a basic point. If you wanted to talk more, you would need more articles of this kind. So I will limit myself to this limit in terms of playing style .. I will leave you the pleasure of discovering the rest of the treasures of this masterpiece yourselves ..
    • Graphic Game:
    • The first thing I notice in the Solz games is the great power and focus on very fine details. The game environment is very huge and complex .. It is like a maze full of archipelagos and gates and corridors main and side .. Despite all this complexity and magnitude and the complexity, but the details of everything is more than terrible.
    • Each environment has a special character and a charming atmosphere that distinguishes it from other environments .. You will notice the differences completely when you move from one area to another .. Where everything will change around you and even the nature and forms of enemies and leaders.
    • Also, you can not lose sight of the developers' keen interest in portraying entire areas in a fantastic and imaginative manner, in terms of magnificence and beauty. A lot of things. Dozens of sites and unique views of places you have passed through and others that you have not yet experienced. Enjoy every minute you walk around in the environment and world of DARK SOULS 3 There is no need for a wheel at all for two reasons. The first is your need for proper planning before engaging with numbers on your way and the second is to enjoy the fascinating scenes of castles, mountains, forests and DARK SOULS III.
    • The leaders and the various characters were portrayed in very frightening and frightening fairy shapes and sizes and have many exotic and creative artistic details at the same time. Each leader will have a special impact on you and a special fingerprint will remain an unforgettable memory .. Especially when you can not kill him easily and you have to return the battle time after time without despair.

    • Sounds of the game:
    • As for the sounds of the game is no less important than the amazing graphic, and you will find that each leader of his own influences on the level of voice as well .. What makes the issue of imposing prestige and its terrible impact on the atmosphere of battle and combat is clear in which a lot of professionalism.
    • The music of the game and accompaniment of the battles especially very beautiful and bear the excitement of the thing a lot, especially when you feel you managed to control the angry leader and approached to eliminate it and delivered to the specter of eternal death ..
    • The voices of dialogues and personalities that play roles as well as we used to in the previous parts, both in nature or in terms of performance and the intensity of the match with the atmosphere of the game dark magic.
    • Game duration and return value
    • DARK SOULS III is a very long game, especially if everything you take and carry is taken seriously. It is a pleasure to explore and explore the unknown and the unknown. It is a masterpiece in terms of environments and the surprises and secrets it carries in every place you may not even if you passed through. A lot of developments and updates on everything is possible, and this increases your desire to return, kill and harvest more lives. Also the method of play that does not know the meaning of mercy will make the issue of your death and return from the same path or shortcut is inevitable, but will become a normal thing will miss him unless you do. Many of the characters, features and abilities can be gained. Dozens of weapons can also be collected and trained to be used optimally in terms of attack, attack or defense. All this makes the life of the game very long too. Also, we can not overlook the development of multiple players either in a contrast or cooperative form.

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