Kingdom Hearts 3
      Kingdom Hearts 3

      • We have seen the latest releases of Kingdom Hearts for more than 10 years and since Square Enix announced the third release in 2013, Kingdom Hearts 3 has been one of the most anticipated versions of the community.
      • You may be surprised to learn that the Kingdom Hearts series started because of a meeting between a developer of Square Enix or Square Soft at the time with a Disney executive in Japan in one of the elevators because the two companies were in a single building. From this encounter came the series Kingdom Hearts.
      • The game has released 7 Spin Off and 3 Remastered versions, and the next version is full of worlds and content that may confuse the series' fans and new players, but in this article we will mention all the information we know about the upcoming Square Enix game.
      • The Kingdom Hearts 3 series is one of the most complex and detailed stories in the gaming world, and it may take a lot of time and effort for a series fan to explain the plot to new players.
      • One of the most important factors is the differences between Heartless, Unversed, Nobodies, Dreameaters, and Orginization XIII and Xion.
      • The many details in the Kingdom Hearts3 plot are due to the large number of Spin Enix spin off parts, of course we can not explain all of these factors within the article, but you can always play the previous parts of the story, namely Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, Birth By Sleep , Kingdom Hearts 0.2 If your life is full of spare time but you have to know that all parts are as follows:
      1. Kingdom Hearts.
      2. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
      3. Kingdom Hearts
      4. Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
      5. Kingdom Hearts 0.2 (begins)
      6. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
      7. Kingdom Hearts II
      8. Kingdom Hearts: Coded
      9. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dreams Drop Distance
      10. Kingdom Hearts 0.2 (ends)
      11. Kingdom Hearts III
      • Or the simplest vinegar is to use some videos on Youtube and we recommend the content of the Dunkey. Where he explains what you need to know about the plot of the game in a fun and attractive way to attract both series lovers or new players alike

      • Realms Within the new Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of the biggest features of the game, you will find yourself cooperating and meet with several heroes of the worlds of Disney is different as follows:
      1. Frozen - Arendelle
      2. Tungled - Corona
      3. Big Hero 6 - San Fransokyo
      4. Toy Story - Toy Box
      5. Hercules - Mount Olympus
      6. Winnie the Pooh - 100 Acre Woods
      7. Pirates of Caribbean - The Caribbean
      8. Monsters, Inc. Monstropolis
      9. Twilight Town / Old Mansion
      10. Yen Sid's Tower
      • For gameplay, Kingdom Hearts differs from most of the JRPG games, which rely mainly on fighting style on the turn based combat system, because the game is inspired primarily by Super Mario 64 and not Final Fantasy as some think.
      • Although the style of play depends primarily on the Hack & Slash, but the game contains some aspects that will prompt you to remember that the developer is the same developer of the series of games Final Fantasy large Square Enix, and the game adheres to the features of the games JRPG in terms of the long duration necessary To complete.
      • Kingdom Hearts 3 comes with many new aspects as well as the new worlds of Disney.
      • The first of these is the return of the Summons, which come in the form of D-Links, and you can call the characters from the Disney world, which we know to date Wreck-It Ralph and the little Aerial Mermaid.
      • The run-up mechanism also comes from the 3DS version, which allows you to run on walls and has already appeared through a thriller.
      • Keyblade transformations When you succeed in making several strikes in Kingdom Hearts 3, you can do several keyblade transformations that vary according to the world in which your characters are located. For example, when you are in the Toy Story world, Keyblade will turn into Hyper Hammer.
      • You can now assemble a team of five characters after the limit is only 3 characters in the previous versions of Kingdom Hearts, which means that your team will be composed of the three main characters Sora, Donald and Goofy in addition to two characters from the world of Disney and vary by the world, of course.
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