No Man's Sky
    No Man's Sky

    •  One of the most controversial games in history, and the most controversial games on the current generation platforms, it is undoubtedly the No Man's Sky game, which faced a very difficult start two years ago when it was released exclusively to the PS4 platform, due to the huge promotional campaign that was settled for the game, But the studio did not give up Hello Games and did not abandon his game and developed and solve problems over the last period, and announced the studio recently released the game on the Xbox One Introduction to the largest update ever Entitled "Next" which he added Play with other players for the first time, which has always demanded by fans of the game, with many other extras, but is all this enough because the game becomes one of the best games that you can try, short answer no and find out why so read the full review.
    • We will start with the story, where you will start the game in a strange planet and you do not remember anything but you hear many signs that lead you to explore the world and learn the basics of the game at the same time, you will find first example on your shattered space vehicle to begin to repair by collecting resources and tools for that, You start your journey to explore the nearest space station and begin to mix with the space objects that are there. So, in fact, I liked a storytelling in the game even if it was not strong but at least it will make you enjoy playing because there is a goal to be achieved, unlike some other survival games like Ark: Survival Evolved T Although judicial long hours in her experience, but I was doing construction without a particular goal I am seeking him.
    • The world of the game is really excellent, the game is full of colors on the Xbox X, there are some planets that are characterized by pleasant colors of plants or animals that will make you enjoy the view a lot, but you will find a great diversity in the nature of the planets, there are other planets will feel planets are shallow and not suitable But the overall factors of survival or the nature of the planets are similar, which will alert you to some repetition in the formation of planets, although the planets will find them glacier or warm or containing toxic gases, but in all You will find evil Your shield or protection will be reduced in all cases in the same way, and if you encounter a storm of any kind, it will be less than forcing you to look for shelter to hide during such storms.
    • But what about the style of play, principle you can try the game either in the first or third person perspective, but I found myself the best third-person perspective as in the fallout, and in this game using a set of tools that you carry with you to collect resources and research and exploration, As you say, either for survival like oxygen and sodium that you use to charge your energy or charge your armor, or to supply your vehicle with fuel, and you will only need a few simple hours to get used to it, but over time you will feel bored and do not exaggerate if you are bored Terrible, everything is trying to do here C The crown of you collect a lot of resources, especially in basic things such as supplying your vehicle with fuel or reloading your armor, which makes you waste a lot of time in such simple things, and although the game offers the possibility of automatic charging for some of these basic but frustrating things here That you will only do so after spending long hours playing.
    • One of the other negatives in the game and what caused a lot of damage is these robots flying in the skies of each planet to go to, where these robots monitor your actions when collecting resources, as soon as they feel you break a rock for example to get dirt from them start to watch and then have two options, either You have to wait for a while for these robots to stop watching you and go somewhere else or to attack them in a very miserable and boring battle. Although there are some battles in this game with robots or pirates but the game has a very boring and primitive fighting style, These battles are p M entering it, the beginning of primitive artificial intelligence and how to fight, or weapons that you use, where there are many options in front of you when you talk about the weapons used, whether when fighting robots on the surface of the planet, or when you have some space battles.
    • However, in contrast and away from fighting, the game offers game lovers to stay a very special experience, and encourages you to explore and try to finish the missions, the game offers many special awards that will always make you seek to finish the next task, which is very good and made me spend long hours in the game, You can now build some rules in certain planets, which you can return to at any time. This is another special thing. I've built some rules in the planets I prefer to go there and relax and enjoy the distinctive aesthetic appearance of these planets.
    • And now we come to the most awaited point of everyone from the game of No Man's Sky, which is the game of the team, one of the most negative things in the game was the lack of content and feeling lonely in the game, but I always hoped that this game support team play, and I personally expected when I saw her ad For the first time to offer the advantage of team play, and finally the studio after two full years to support this feature, where you can now try the game with three other players, it is certainly survival games be better and better with other players, and cooperate together in exploration and construction and other such Tasks, but I have to warn you You will experience the collective play, you will face many problems currently both technical errors or non-performance stability, which may cost you sometimes save your file, try you create a secondary mass save a file to play so you do not ruin the game.
    • Conclusion
    • No Man's Sky has developed significantly and no one can deny it after the huge Next update, and the game we promised at first, but still has some problems preventing it from becoming the best survival game ever, like charging your equipment constantly and spending hours in This or some technical problems in multiplayer and combative and tedious fighting mode, but it offers a fascinating world and a good narrative and narrative always makes you seek to finish the missions to find out what and then get valuable prizes.

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