Rock of Raouche

    Al Rawsha rock is famous especially for its many restaurants, which offer the most popular cuisine, whether popular or western, not to mention the cafes spread along the Corniche known as the Beirut Corniche, as well as its interesting hotels, which mostly overlook the coast, , Which took its name from the Rocka rock near Shattah, which attracted a lot to visit and stay for some days and enjoy time.

    Location of the Rock of Roche

    The Raouche Rock is located in the Republic of Lebanon, specifically in the capital of the country, Beirut, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. The Raouche area is considered one of the most densely populated areas in addition to shops and commercial buil.

    Tourism in the Rock of Roche

    The Rocha Rock is a tourist attraction in Lebanon, which attracts tourists especially to enjoy its vision and close-up, as well as take pictures of it for the memory, and mostly the visitor to this Raouche to take a cruise through the boats in the region, The cavity in it. The Raouche rock is made up of two large rocks, one larger than the other, a rock with a cavity inside it that allows small boats to pass through them, both in the Mediterranean Sea and on the shore known as the Western Beirut Sea.

    The Raouche rock originated

    Scientists who study geology have predicted the emergence of the rock Raouche, they said it was the result of a severe earthquake struck in this region specifically, led to the destruction of all the small islands that were scattered in this site, which was mostly inhabited by humans, to appear place this giant rock Raouche , And most researchers and scientists most likely that this incident occurred in the thirteenth century AD

    Rock height of Raouche

    The height of the rock Raouche is 70 meters, but the second rock, which is small for the major has been affected by the weather factors that have been exposed over time, which led to make the shape of the result of erosion. The word Rocha on this rock dates back to the Aramean origin. Roch is Arabic, but some scholars of the origins of the word have seen that the word is of French origin; Roche means the rock in French, and most likely it was not called Except during the period of French rule of the country during their mandate in the region.

    The Rauche Rock is actually two large rocks close to the beach of the Raouche area on the Mediterranean Sea Corniche. The word Roucheh comes from the Aramaic origin. According to some researchers, "Raouche" is of French origin, where Roche means French rock, and geologists believe that the rock Raouche emerged because of several strong earthquakes hit the West Sea in Beirut in the thirteenth century, which led to the earthquake to eliminate many of the islands inhabited by At that time many rocks, including the rock of Raoucheh, appeared in their place. Raouche consists of two rocks, one larger than the other, and large hollow center, and a height of 70 meters, while the small rock affected by the erosion, and became pointed.

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