The Last Guardian
    The Last Guardian

    •  The Last Guardian Adventure and Action, developed by GenDESIGN and SIE Japan Studio, was designed by Fumito Ueda, who previously designed Shadow of the Colossus in 2005 and ICO in 2001. These games draw on many of the features, gameplay elements and the environment that the events took to put them in The Last Guardian
    • The boy is trying to manipulate the giant knitting as he manipulates a real animal by luring him with food and so on to help him reach high platforms or difficult Access them while avoiding and escaping the guards at the same time.
    • The development of The Last Guardian began in 2007 with the support of the ICO development team and was announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009 event, which announced that the game will be released on the PS3 exclusively in 2011, but later the game suffered some technical problems Which led to delay and then "Ueda" and the ICO team leave Sony and create a studio "genDESIGN" and has pushed the problems related to the decline of the devices of the previous generation and the emergence of current generation devices and the detection of their graphical potential and other, moving the game to the Playstation 4, And then the game was out of the limelight for some time until it reappeared in the event of Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 which f The game will be released in 2016 on Playstation 4 exclusively.

    • The story:
    • The story is designed in the game to appear as an old story cut by an old man on the players, where he returns in the past to tell his story when he was a young boy, tells that there was a boy suddenly woke up one day and found himself in a large castle after being kidnapped under mysterious circumstances, He himself is carrying a strange painting that was not on his body before his abduction, and after that he managed to escape from captivity in some way. On his way to escape from the castle, he encounters the giant Trico, who is chained and has many arrows and spears on his body. With the help of the giant and the disarming of the outstanding weapons despite the obvious aggressiveness of the actions And then the giant begins to calm down little by little after seeing the real intentions of the boy and his desire to help him, and establish a strong friendship between the giant and the boy with time concentrated on the nucleus of the game, where they help each other during the events of the game in an attempt to escape the castle and Fight or avoid guards trying to catch them again.
    • The director of the game "Ueda" pointed out that there may be other giants in the game but did not confirm it, and some sources predicted that the end of the game may be sad based on the story phase in the previous games of the studio and some of the shows and videos that were presented to the game, The boy or giant dies at the end of the story, but "Ueda" responds by saying that the end of the game will be open and the players will know it themselves.
    • Play style:
    • The Last Guardian is one of the third perspective games that combines adventure, action, and puzzle solving in an exceptionally beautiful form. The players will control the defenseless boy who will be able to jump, run, climb and do some other moves like Shadow of the Colossus and ICO , And they will have to use the external environment factors to hide and move silently in the game, as well as avoid or defeat the guards who appear in the shadows although the boy is defenseless, and fortunately the movement of most of these guards slow and players will have to escape their grip in time The right thing once they caught one of the main characters Or the game will end.
    • The game director will determine that the control of the knitting will never be easy as he will enjoy the instinct of the real animal and players will have to manipulate and seduce him Feed or throw some barrels or stones and so on to drive it or to use it properly in solving the puzzles.
    • The players will be able to manipulate the beam through a mirror they find during the events of the game to allow it to be reversed and directed to certain places to help solve some of the puzzles or defeat some guards and opponents.
    • There will also be a mood for the giant knitwear, he may be angry or cautious or scared and will look through the color of his eyes and movement, and will have to take care of the players knitting and feeding as well as the removal of spears and arrows from his body and will be able during the course of the events of the game to give better orders in the way described by the director of the game as training A pet who will realize over time what you want him to do and will gradually improve him.
    • He added that the game will allow the tricot to navigate on his own out of curiosity to explore something he finds more interesting or interesting than the boy, and there will be some areas in the game will need to go knitting alone to find them, and may refuse to knit some types of food if it smelled or He may go to bed suddenly if he feels like it.
    • The director of the game also noted that the character of knitting may deal with players differently based on the way they treated them, whether it was nice or cruel or otherwise.
    • The Last Guardian has taken a long time and effort and suffered a lot of delay but it has come to us recently and is supposed to be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on the 6th of this month for the Playstation 4 exclusively.
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