Tourism in Moscow

    *Moscow embraces the Red Square, the heart of the pulsating city, which links most of the main streets and highways to each other. It is also a historic place that has witnessed many of the great events that have taken place in the history of Russia, as well as its urban wealth that catches sight.

    *The Moscow subway is one of the most attractive attractions for tourists. It is characterized by its stunning design and breathtaking decoration, as well as being one of the oldest transport lines in the world, opened in 1935.

    *Moscow has a huge variety of shops that attract tourists because their prices are rather low compared to other stores around the world, and they contain goods of all kinds, so you can not find what you are looking for in a store.

    *Moscow hosts a large number of 24-hour restaurants, cafés and bakeries, which offer the most famous Russian cuisine, such as caviar, pancakes and meatballs.

    It also includes a huge variety of international restaurants and will give you a glimpse of the food that distinguishes each country without having to visit those countries and tourism in Moscow

    *You can not be in Moscow without seeing a Russian ballet show at the Bolshoi Theater, in order to enjoy the amazing performances of dancers and dancers, as well as enjoying the Bolshoi Theater itself as the oldest architectural monument in Russia.

    *Moscow includes a range of public parks that catch the eye with its natural charm, with its trees, plants and flowers of hearts, some of which dates back decades. One of the most important attractions of Moscow is the Philly Park and the Sokolniki Park.

    *Moscow is rich in many palaces and castles of unique architectural style that will make you feel like living in a fictional story and reflect the style of architecture in the 18th and 19th centuries. Do not miss visiting the Kremlin building or the Colominskoy Museum.

    *In Moscow you can go to the various museums and art galleries, so you will find what attracts you. Whatever you are interested in, there are art galleries such as Moscow Modern Art Fair, Pushkin Gallery, Tretyakov Gallery, Multimedia Art Gallery and Garage Gallery of Contemporary Art.

    *Moscow embraces one of the most beautiful churches in the world, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which is distinguished by its distinctive urban style of tourism in Moscow
    Moscow is one of the world's most visually rich cities.

    * For example, you can see the whole city from the 61-storey tower of Federación, which houses Sixty, the city's tallest restaurant.

    *You can also visit the Moscow University, which dates back to 1949, and its upper floor houses a museum of geography, which also offers visitors the opportunity to see panoramic views of Moscow.

    *Moscow has some historical areas that retain an exceptional architectural style such as Nikolskaya Street, Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street and Kuznetski Bridge Road.

    *There are some small towns around Moscow which are called "the Golden Ring" by the local population. These cities are Suzdal, Rostov and Vladimir, with their ancient architectural style and white stone buildings.

    *Moscow hosts the Golden Apple Hotel, which is a vital place for shopping and has 92 rooms to welcome visitors who want to stay inside, where the price of accommodation is not expensive, as well as it is located between many of the vital streets and archaeological areas of the city.

    *Moscow also includes the home of the famous writer Maxim Gorky, who became a tourist visitor after his departure, especially since he spent the remainder of his life in exile after returning from exile in Italy, where the house belonged to a leader who was overthrown by the Bolshevik revolution.

    *Moscow also includes the tomb of the famous leader Lenin, which contains inside his body, which has been preserved to this day thanks to the conservation of the use of special chemicals.

    *You can also spend some time in the 19-year-old Sandoni Banya's old-fashioned architecture.

    *In Moscow you can also visit Moscow Oceanarium, which has a variety of marine animals and rare fish.


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