Tourism in Socotra Island

    Tourism in Socotri is one of the most important sectors within Socotri Island. Tourism within Socotry is one of the most important sources of income that it relies on to supply national income. It is located in one of the islands in Yemen, which is located on the southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.

    The most important tourist attractions in the island of Socotra :

    *First beaches of Socotra Island

    All the beaches of Socotri are characterized by clear water and white sand. All of Socotri's beaches are free from all pollution and are also known to contain a variety of fish and wildlife:

    People's Beach

    This beach is one of the most important beaches of Socotri Island. The beach is only 5 meters long. The beach is characterized by white sand and clean water. This beach has rare wildlife and a variety of fish. Through the naval boats.

    Calencian Beach

    From the beautiful beaches of Socotri Island, characterized by clean water as well as white sand, it seems to the tourist as a group of cotton from the intensity of its white, and there are many palm trees overlooking the sea, and used as umbrellas to prevent the sun's burning, and this beach on the reef As well as the pearl, which is the most famous of the coast of Qalqilya, and also contains a group of turtles of different breeds and forms, including green turtles, which are large size, and these beaches of the most important tourist places on the island of Socotra.

    *Second caves and caves of Socotra Island

    The island of Socotri contains a large group of caves and caves, containing 52 caves and cave, and all these caves and caves along the island of Socotri, and the most famous caves and caves:

    Cave of Djeb

    The Grotto of Djebb is one of the largest caves in the island of Socotri. The cave is located in the Noujid Plain and is inhabited by many inhabitants. The cave of Djebj is suitable for many families. The cave contains an internal cavity. Visitors are transported by car to the cave. Tired or tired.

    The cave of Juniper resembled

    This cave is located in the tourist zone of Daksim. The cave was discovered recently. It was discovered in 2005. The cave is characterized by the beauty of its calcareous structure, the stalagmites and the wards contained in the cave. The cave contains many rare trees that are found only on Socotri, It is the most distinguished from other caves.

    Cave Hook

    Which is a cave that is about three thousand meters long, and located this cave in the eastern part of the island of Socotra, specifically in the case.

    Cave of the garden

    Of the caves that have been discovered recently, and the second caves discovered after the cave Hawk and the length of the cave about 7500 meters, and is characterized by the cave in the form of creative and aesthetic, it fascinates the beholder, and is characterized by abundance of water as well as calcareous formations, Island of Socotra

    *Third, valleys

    The valleys are abundant on the island of Socotri and are spread along the island, including long waterways and large basins such as the valleys that flow south of Socotra. These include short waterways and small basins, such as the valleys in the north of Socotri. There are also other valleys In the north-west, the most famous of these valleys:

    The Dungeon Valley

    It is one of the valleys that flow north of the island of Socotri. The valley is characterized by a small basin and a short waterway, but the water is not cut off all year long.

    Wadi Asra

    Is one of the valleys of the island of Socotri, which flows south of the island of Socotra is considered the valley of Dohar better than the valley of Dunghin, characterized by a large basin and a long waterway, and drainage is greater than the drainage of the Danjn valley, because of the large summer rains that fall on the southern slopes, led to running water in this valley constantly .

    Wadi Aihedt

    The valley is one of the largest valleys in the island of Socotri. It is located between a series of mountains on the island of Socotri. The valley contains a wide range of rare living organisms, which live on the aqueducts of the valley. The valley is covered with thick clusters of dense trees.

    *IV Falls of Socotra Island

    The island of Socotri has many different waterfalls, which are characterized by water flow throughout the year. The most famous of these waterfalls are Danjun Falls and Ahfat Falls.

    *V. Ancient Antiquities

    There are many artifacts located on the island of Socotri, especially the village of Rakf, which is located east of the island of Socotra, where an ancient archaeological site has been found containing many remnants of the operator of the Stone Age, and this operator was specialized in the manufacture of tools stone stone flint, and covers the site The remains of bronze skulls and iron knives, as well as numerous tombs, bodies, skulls and skeletons, date back to the pre-Christmas period, are due to the first half of the first millennium. Birth, Mother As for the village of Ariush, it contains many rocks and symbols that have not yet been understood, but are very similar to the old Yemenite inscriptions,In addition to the inscriptions and ancient archaeological symbols as well as archaeological finds, which are located in the valley of the room, these collection is a large collection of imported pottery vessels dating back to the second century, in addition to the magical scenes and images of human and animal reached on the Arabian Peninsula, which Overlooking the island of Socotri, which is one of the most important tourist attractions on the island of Socotra.

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