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    Download Rising Trials is a game developed for the needs of the arcade, in which we as bikers have to navigate zany roads, full of traps, obstacles and other threats. Trials Rising is an arcade for motorcycles launched for the PC platform, PS4. The game was developed by the studio RedLynx, a group behind all the successes of the series. The Ubisoft Kiev team also participated in the production. The authors decided to abandon the futuristic atmosphere of Trials Fusion and the post-apocalyptic realities of the mobile Trials Frontier. Trials Rising offers us a return to modern times, which we know from the first versions of the brand. In terms of game mechanics, the production is faithful to the traditions of the series. The graphics were made in 3D, but the game takes place in two dimensions. Our goal on every route is to reach the finish in one piece. It's not easy because the cards are full of traps, obstacles and other dangers, and their defeat requires not only agility, but also cunning. The game offers more routes than any previous version of the cycle. There were also options to change the appearance of players and machines and share with the rest of the community such creations.

    On the PC, the PS4, etc., published on the platform, Trials Rising Download allows you to play alone or in multiplayer - local and online. It is also possible to run with the "ghosts" of other players, recreating the recordings of their previous trips. A fun novelty is the Cooperative Bike Tandem mode, in which two people drive a motorcycle. Trials have never been a complicated series. We were thrown into the following routes, where we had to cross them from A to Z, preferably in the allotted time, to get the best medal. The strength of the game lies in an excellent mapping of physics and a sense of control over the bike. And everything comes back here and is even better than before. Trials Fusion shows what a smaller game might look like when you spend more money on kernel improvement. Although adding a spoonful of tar to the honey barrel, adapting everything to the experience-based progression system is in my opinion totally useless and leads many times to a useless and tired repetition of tracings. given.

    But let's go back to the beginning. After starting the game and passing the first pass, we create our character, get the first piece of wood and gradually count the following routes, turning them in the best moments, which translates into medals, and by the number of experience points earned. Along the way, we also receive coins that we will spend on other vehicles or cosmetics - totally superfluous -. At first, it's easy, the routes are nice and we slowly start to maneuver with a motorcycle, they learn to manage obstacles. I would say it's too idyllic, especially that 2-3 hours later, the difficulty level of the game increases considerably and here, the less persistent can give up for the first time.

    The progression in Trials Rising Free is based on experience points, which, in my opinion, is a misconception, because we sometimes encounter a wall in the form of a level too low to unlock another contest, which means that we are closed in the included content. And the point values ​​for repeating the same tracks are too low. We therefore scratch experience points to unlock the next big competition. There are eight of them, so it will take time for us to count everything. In addition to the usual objectives, that is to say, to pass the course as soon as possible, there are sponsors who, in exchange for carrying out specific activities, will give us cosmetic objects, coins and PD. Fortunately, this operation has removed the monotony of the game, increasing the level of difficulty at several times. A breath of fresh air changes incessant spots. We will go around the sawmill in the United States, we will jump to the Russian base, by hitchhiking around the Roman Coliseum, to land in Hawaii after previous modifications next to the Great Wall. The creators play with the scene, offering us a changing perspective, a moving camera and moving elements of the road.

    Fortunately, this is not a problem, because the game itself, that is to say driving a motorcycle, is done from top to bottom. We know exactly how our machine will react when we know it. Each movement with a button, swaying the shape, adding gas or pressing the brake. All in accordance with the rules of physics, without explicit cheating. If we collapse somewhere, it's 90% of our fault (because I still make mistakes). And if we're tired of driving in career mode, we can always compete and compete on the Net with others, start a party mode or ... play the creator. The RedLynx team has put in our hands an editor in which we will find a few thousand items waiting to create the most twisted road that comes to mind. The publisher offers us virtually unlimited possibilities in the game, and we can share it with others, without restrictions of availability on a given platform. There are no ideal games, and free Rising Trials has its problems. First, the title requires a connection to the network (rankings, ghosts of others and these issues), which unfortunately has a negative impact on the game. Well, it is enough that the game servers choke for a moment , and the game suspends the picture, which - believe me - elicits yet another passion when we are on the right track to break the record.

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