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    We are at our fourth and final meeting with the Troika Games studio. The company, created by three ambitious guests from Fallout's elite fathers club, has produced only three titles in its seven years of existence. All these games combined one thing: extremely high expectations on the part of the recipients, that is to say, the players. Each of them proved to be an ambitious project with a very complete gameplay covering many rare aspects of the other titles. Unfortunately, it was also one of the most underutilized and buggy titles we had the opportunity to install on their PCs. Apogee in this infamous category has been reached in the last of the productions (?) Finished - Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Download. But was it just the studio's fault? Among other things, we will try to find the answer today. Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Free was not the first computer game in which we were able to switch to the White Wolf World created by the company. The first trip through the ages in real time was possible in 2000, thanks to the game Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption created by the studio Nihilistic Software. At the same time, however, one thing has to be explained - apart from the common world and a similar name, these games have little in common. The game itself is very different, as is the story told by both games - Redemption is a case, a cursed love story that has survived for centuries. It should be added that, in the year of its release, this game offered fantastic graphics, which - although new generation productions look very out of date - still have a lot of charm and interesting effects, such as dynamic shadows. However, back from medieval Prague to modern times - here are three brave Troika guys trying to control the world for the third time. Not all, of course, but its part, known as the "cRPG market", was again within their reach. Work on the game officially started in November 2001, so it was still at the time he created his first game, or Arcanum.

    It's easy to guess that the studio team was split into two main groups, one working on Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Download, the other, in parallel, on ToEE described by us the previous week. Of course, part of the team - including Anderson, Boyarsky and Cain - was involved in both projects, working in parallel on two completely different fronts. Work on the game from the very beginning has revealed a series of problems that have lengthened the process of creating a new title in an extremely effective way. One of the most serious drawbacks was related to the game bought at Valve Enginem, the famous Source. When the Troika started working on Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines free, the engine code was still written and corrected by Valve programmers, which meant that the Troika programmers were getting a completely new version every few weeks. Of course, this required constant changes, and most of the time, it turned out that after these changes, the current version of the game became unstable or even did not want to work at all. Of course, this required more weeks of meticulous collection and deletion of the most important errors, after which ... Valve sent a new, improved version of Source. The big problem that the players then encountered on their skin - although almost no one realizes it - turned out to be Valve's extended work on artificial intelligence. The lack of proper scripts has forced Troiki programmers to create their own IS, originally designed solely for the purposes of press and other presentations. However, it soon became apparent that the creators of Source were not hurrying, wanting to refine this element of their engine. After all, the premiere of the second half of the legendary Half-Life approached.

    It was very important because according to the contract with this company, Free Bloodlines had to be created before the release of Half-Life 2. Activision, but after three weeks of testing, the number of errors and defects in the version current game has been decided. a week to polish the title. After one week, version 1.1 was implemented and re-tested for three weeks. And this, still very underdeveloped, has been received by players around the world. The game, while extremely addictive and an interesting attempt to combine cRPG with FPS, has immediately acquired the infamous name of one of the most under-produced productions in the world. On the one hand, she was delighted to combine incredible facial animations with one of the most perfect soundtracks in history, or extremely lively and fleshy dialogues that would not be ashamed of the best cinema. On the other hand, to appreciate it, it was necessary to have an exceptionally powerful PC, with a huge amount of RAM. The code of the game was almost underdeveloped, but despite the solid equipment, it could be severely cut. Watching the Windows desktop from time to time has become a rule for some people. A lot of bugs, even the need to use console commands to complete the quest (sic!), Meant that we were dealing with a very advanced beta rather than the full version of the game. moreover, many elements have not been compounded for refinement, although they have already been implemented. We now know that it takes a patch, even a few, and very quickly - a product sold in boxes that sway dangerously close to the edge of playability. As soon as it was possible, information on the most common errors and failures was collected, after which Activision gave the Troika crew a week to develop the first patch. Unfortunately, that's when the biggest crisis erupted in the studio - despite intense research, the studio could not find a publisher or money to implement a new one. project.

    This was all the more important as the financial situation of the Troika was far too long to be desired and the independent production of the new game was out of the question. Dark clouds began to gather over the studio. Despite the ongoing work on the patch, the three founders of the Troika were forced to release all their colleagues in two waves. Although the studio still exists, it is only a formal workshop. However, the work started was completed mainly thanks to several employees who decided, with the three founders, not to leave the players on the ice and - despite the lack of remuneration for the work - they continued to create the patch. After almost a month, exactly 22 December, a patch was released, correcting many important errors and moving the game to version 1.2. Unfortunately, hope for further official changes has disappeared in the coming weeks. The lack of interest of the publishers for the new production of Troika finally leads to the closing and formally to the suspension of the activity of the studio. Fortunately, that did not mean the end of support for the title of ... as always a community of trustworthy players. In this case, it is a rather interesting phenomenon, because there are currently two parallel paths of unofficial patches to play. they are by no means compatible and are quite different to address the subject. The first of these groups are fixes behind which some Acrimonious and Tessera are known from the forum, supported by several people belonging to the forum community. The True Vampire series patches: The Masquerade - Vampire Patch The Masquerade Bloodlines, which were supposed to be patches from the official patch 1.2, quickly got new releases, removing more and more errors. The latest version is dated February 10, 2008 and has the number 5.04. It should be added that this series hardly interferes with the structure of the finished game, focusing mainly on the elimination of errors. A team focused around Planet Vampire chose a slightly different path. Dan Uprigh started working on this series of amendments, while Werner continues with "Wesp5" Spahla, with the community of portals.

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