Attack on titan game ps4
    Attack on titan game ps4

    Attack on titan

    The Story : 

    First of all, we start with a story inspired largely by the anime, as I mentioned at the beginning. Perhaps the fans of this anime will have an admirable justification for the atmosphere around them in this game. Unfortunately, the story is very boring and completely opposite to the thrill and excitement we got in the anime. The fans of the series will notice sooner or later the cold weather in the story and the big difference between them and the series, but let's be more frank, no one will buy such games for the story, especially based on quotations from serials and others. Viewer s The design of the world is wonderful and interesting to look at, and you will pass through your adventures in many types of areas, not many and not a few at the same time, but it is sufficient to show some diversification, in addition to The game developer's success in moving the beauty of the serial world into the game, you'll feel you actually became an anime.

    Play style:

    By moving to play mode, the key to success is smooth movement, where you enjoy the presence of aerodynamics and swing wires that give you great freedom to move between buildings. You can even use them to swing after connecting these wires to the giants themselves. At the same time you can not use them in arid places But instead of them will be the ordinary horses that can change and buy faster and better ones, and in fact rarely used these horses, moving through the swing much faster than use, so its existence was a little useless, especially as it does not even die and can Stand in the middle of dozens of giants without being hurt. The fighting in this game depends on one weapon, the swords, next to the wires that you must connect with the giant and then press the beating button before reaching it in a second to make a strong strike, and despite the lack of diversity of weapons, The player can develop all his equipment, including swords, drivers and wires. There are dozens of different types of upgrades and upgrades to this equipment. It is very important for smooth progress. You can see the effect of changing the equipment immediately and this is definitely good. J You can increase the relationship between you and a person, by saving them from a dilemma during the fighting and activating a private dialogue with her to gain her love and trust more, and this can apply to almost all the characters that will pass during your progress in the events, and the only gain of increasing the strength of the relationship with the characters, On the battlefield when you fight alongside you, where you can get up to four allies, and throw orders to attack them, although they are highly skilled and have a good bond with you, a short film scene will be activated to hit you giant in an epic way, Creates more ambiance For the inability to integrate into the world and events.


    It is true that updating your weapons is fun, but even if you let them go, this will only take longer to eliminate the giant. That is, the game is very easy and this negative will lose you a big part. Of pleasure and its reason is the lack of intelligence of all the characters of the game and its creatures literally. How can this? For example, your allies are often useless, except for a little help in your own battles that require more effort than others. The giant always stands by without doing anything, watching you kill dozens of her sex and approaching them to be next. If she hits you or tries to catch you, This happens very slowly and gives you enough time to escape. If you can not escape, either ask for help from an ally or get out of the situation quickly if you can act before approaching the mouth of the giant and then use a medical tool for treatment and everything will go well! Only stupidity but the loss of the dreadful feeling of And unfortunately there was a chance for the game to give us something new that combines the horror of the giants and at the same time the crazy and bloody fighting style, but it was only by presenting huge creatures standing helpless to do anything. You have only three types of Giants in the game: a small giant which is a ridiculous name in itself, but these giants can die easily or cause great inconvenience, so you can use special nets to hunt and then automatically mowed, the second type is the ordinary giant in its various forms , Which dies by blows on the neck, either The last type is the giant steel which you have to break down its defenses, "invisible" before you can injury in his area sensitive neck.

    Fighting : 

    To fight in this game is very fun, and you will always enjoy cutting the Giants, and you can cut their hands and feet and then go to their head, but after spending many hours with the game it turned out to me that there is no benefit of this feature except for fun for the player will finish sooner or later. And even the solid ones I mentioned above. But the more you progress in the game, the harder it will be to eliminate them, but the difficulty is slim and does not represent a challenge at all. You will notice from what you have read so far that the main story phase is boring Unfortunately, despite its long duration it requires approximately 30 To be done with a few side tasks, there is a very large repetition and again and again you will find yourself doing the same thing repeatedly, and what makes the problem of repetition is very bad, is that it fills the whole game, the method of fighting the giants always the same, and the types of giants also do not change, And you will soon find yourself bored after spending an hour or two. I would recommend this game with a friend of the game universe that supports the feature of the team game, and this makes me speak instantly to the online stage, which saved the game for me, where there are different stages of play such as playing as a giant Or challenge other players or And the boredom of the conflict with the Giants may change a bit when it becomes next to your friend. In addition, there are many activities and challenges you can do in the game world in times when you take a break from the main tasks. Finally, The strange technique that emerged during my experience, I will remember at the beginning the largest, a problem I do not think it is a technical error, but a defect in the design, where every time you encounter a giant you must first identify it and where you want to focus on the attack, and a small circle will appear to know where this selection (Just like hundreds of games) and yours The big problem is that this feature will close when the giant is angry and the surrounding colors change as they prepare to attack (which by the way does not have any character, excitement or fear). What I mean is that you simply want not to circle the giant, Another giant, but no ... The game will not accept this and most likely you will get mad when you try to focus on a second giant, especially in confrontations against a large number of them.

    Mistakes :

    The other technical errors are the permanent immobility of your ally giant without providing any help or even logical behavior. In addition, there is an error that repeats more than once and it turns out that I do not know why. There are missions as part of the story to protect the rest of the soldiers On their immunity from point A to point B, and when they reach their goal, they will thank you and then they will fly with their troops towards heaven! Yes, it is clear that it is a technical problem but repeated more than once when they get out of the map. I finally remember mistakes such as the player's ability to see what is behind the wall and the disappearance of characters and the appearance of their characters on their own but for a short time. To be stable and you can not pass through it like rocks, but I passed through simply and specifically in a task where the giant ally is a big rock. My enjoyment of the world of the game and its wonderful design, came thanks to the stunning and vibrant drawings and this includes all areas and buildings and trees surrounding, Graphical e It can not be described as a character design because for some reason it looks a bit different from the surrounding world, but it is good when considering its origin from the anime series. The design of the Giants will find it beautiful at first, but it lacks expression in its face, and more than once I find it smiling after It was funny and terrifying at the same time. The soundtrack was fantastic and very enjoyable, like the first part was composed of a variety of different musicals For the game, for I have the best music key which is the second version of the main music of the first part, and this also applies to the vocal performance of the characters in the dialogue footage which should be praised because the performance of the actors was wonderful and they were able to present the same professional series.

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