The most important tourist places in Casablanca:

    Hassan II Mosque

    • There is no doubt that Hassan II Mosque is one of the most important tourist attractions in Casablanca. It is the second largest mosque in the world.
    • The mosque, which was completed in 1993, can accommodate more than 25,000 worshipers who can pray on a glass floor as if they were praying over the ocean.

    • The mosque is considered an architectural masterpiece with its interior decoration and exterior courtyard, which alone contains 80,000 other worshipers.


    • After visiting the mosque, you can go directly to the Casablanca Corniche, which is located in the same area and is a long facade overlooking the ocean.
    • The Corniche of the Casablanca population is an outlet for enjoying the beach and water sports such as swimming and windsurfing, as well as many restaurants and cafes along the Corniche.

    Mall of Morocco

    • Tourism in Casablanca (Casablanca) is not only historical or historical tourism, the city has the largest shopping center in the entire continent of Africa !!.
    • The Mall of Morocco is located at the end of the Corniche area and is a pleasant tourist experience that can take a full day for individuals and families.
    • The mall offers a wide range of international brands such as H & M and Dior as well as a variety of restaurants serving Moroccan, Arab, African and international cuisine.
    • Entertainment within the mall includes water basins that include small sharks, fountains, and a closed gymnasium for skiing.
    • Places of interest inside the Mall of Morocco (Moroccan market), a simulation of the traditional Moroccan markets held in the open.

    The old suburb

    • Unusual in the suburbs of old cities like Tangiers, Agadir and Rabat, the Casablanca suburb seems to be more smoothly walking and hiking.

    • This does not mean that the old city of Rabat does not have the general features of the old parts of Morocco in terms of narrow streets and the splendor of old buildings. All the charm of history is there, but the roads look more organized.

    Museum of the Jews of Morocco

    • Tourism in Casablanca can not be completed without visiting the Jewish Museum, which is the only museum of its kind in the Arab world.
    • The museum provides an in-depth look at the everyday life of Jews in Morocco, including religious rituals, customs and cultural traditions.

    Tour of Casablanca Tramway

    • If you want a quick but comprehensive look at the city of Casablanca, just go on a Casablanca tram tour.
    • The bus, which began its tour in the city in 1984 AD, travels through 48 stops connecting the Sidi Moumen area to Ein Diab and the university.

    the new city

    • The new suburb was built in the city of Casablanca during the French occupation of Morocco, specifically in 1923 AD

    • The new city is a commercial area that bears the European character in architecture and design, but it is not without the traditional features of Arab cities such as:

    • Stone gates, narrow alleyways, open markets, artisan shops and souvenir shops. 

    Arab University Park

    Arab University Park

    • There is a garden ... south of the palace of Mohammed V and dates back to 1918 AD.
    • The park is the largest open area for hiking and city walks with several options for restaurants and small cafés.

    Palace of Mohammed V

    • The palace of King Mohammed V is used as a complex of government interests but is also suitable for a look at it as one of the landmarks of free tourism in Casablanca.

    • The same square in the palace has a huge statue of the first French governor of the city.
    • As well as an old fountain dates back to the year 1976 AD and produces a musical orchestration at the exit of the water.

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