Almost a year ago Dauntless appeared for the first time, and we did not know anything about it except that it is a game where you hunt and fight giant monsters with the help of a group of your friends because the show that was revealed did not show any more. In general, we will try to discuss a number of points in order to share our opinion on the comments.

    The game looks like its basic promise and is much like Monster Hunter: World. It is also a game in which you collaborate to hunt monsters with the help of other players. But what's featured in the Dauntless game ?? Luckily the biggest attraction of the game is the fact that this game is free to play. If we're in front of a game that initially offers what Monster Hunter offers from playing cooperatively and catching different monsters as well as making and modifying your character, and above all this is free. It seems that our decision will be settled in favor of Dauntless certainly !!

    At E3 2017, a new show of Dauntless shows the style of play and the more used weapons, as well as multiple monsters, unlike the first one, which was not revealed to us much.

    "If you're going to kill a monster, you have to turn into something wild too." The show talks about the shattered Isles, where the monsters fight and the story of the game takes place. And what it takes to fight these monsters of strength and hardness and intelligence.

    It also talks about the development of your personality in Ramsgate, the social center of the game where you meet other players and get armor and weapons to meet the different challenges that come from each monster of those monsters. Until then, most players did not have the experience of the game to come after the E3 show with only two months to show the start of the beta phase closed at the beginning of September last year. The initial reactions to the game were mostly very good. After eight months of testing, Dauntless came out into the light and finally into the beta stage, so players could try it out.

    But was the game as much as expectations?

    Primarily, we must understand that what has been seen so far is a game under development. For example, the weapons available are not close to perfection. However, the game was very enjoyable. It combines two favorite types for many players: fishing games and team or cooperative play. Playing with your friends and studying the movements of monsters and their centers of strength and weakness during the fighting so that all of them to put something like a plan to eliminate that monster or Behemoth as called in the game, will give you a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and achievement is the feeling we expect from any game !!
    But if you do not play with your friends but with a bunch of other players at random, the strategy is often here (just stay alive and kill it fast) and it's not the best strategy to enjoy.

    On the other hand, your experience varies somewhat. All these monsters have different characteristics. Some can fly and swoop and others can disappear underground.

    All these differences require you to face them differently each time, and it may be necessary to change your weapon once or twice until you find the right weapon to confront a particular monster. This difference, in one way or another, further enhances team play and division of tasks, while increasing the difficulty of fighting and the different challenges each monster presents. Which is characterized by Dauntless than their counterparts.

    Another thing that distinguishes the game is that it moves the player from the preparation stage in Ramsgate to the stage of fighting the monster directly in Shattered Isles. You will not look for him in an open world map and you will not collect some material from a remote location so you can get a weapon that you can kill. But all the materials you will get to increase your strength and develop your character are the same monsters.

    Some may find this aspect frustrating because the game is not in an open world as in Monster Hunter: World, but we are talking about a different game here. The fact that Dauntless decided to go out of the ordinary is certainly difficult for many but does not hinder the game itself.

    The dauntless side of the Dauntless game is that in order to observe changes between monsters, teamwork and task division, you may have to play for more than 20 hours until you begin to notice that there are different monsters with abilities that require you to change from your style of play, cooperation and thinking. A strategy (try not to die) will not benefit you at this stage and here the challenge begins. But will you wait until 20 hours ??

    Only you can answer this question :

    But remember that this game is free and under development. Those who followed the developments from the alpha stage to the open beta knew the evolution. Which means that this game still has a lot to develop and have a lot to offer as well. And the Financial Service Service Model is similar to other games on the PC platform such as Path of Exile and others, providing continuous content as a service for a token or for micro transactions. Dauntless may stay with us for a while to allow it to evolve and deliver the best.

    We can finally say that Dauntless is a game very different from Monster Hunter
    Yes, we can say this and this means that we have a different experience that offers a lot of interesting moments and offers a different experience for the type of games we miss so much and the possibility of continuous development. But certainly the most attractive factor is that it is FREE !!

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