Detroit: Become Human
    Detroit: Become Human 

    Detroit: Become Human

    During my childhood, I was eagerly awaiting the screening of American films on Channel 2 every day at 3 pm throughout the summer. One day, I had the opportunity to watch the film "Demolition Man" by Sylvester Stallone. Despite the poor nature of the film and its naiveté, Much of my thinking at the time, because of its approach to the distant future and its embodiment in front of me even if it is too fanciful, how does life look more than 30 years from now? Have humans already reached other galaxies? Is it possible to build cities deep in the ocean? Still, the film shortened human life after 30 years in the form of motorcycles, plane cars and a host of exotic costumes. But in Detroit: Become Human, the Quantic Dream studio tried to paint a more realistic picture of what human life would look like 20 years from now, Or natural disasters, but related to the current technological advances and artificial intelligence that participate in all lifestyles and is expected to play the most prominent role in our future.
    In late 2025 CyberLife was able to achieve a technical precedent that has changed the shape of the world to a great extent. The company has provided a group of robots known as Androids that mimic the appearance and capabilities of human beings ideally, but at the same time lack free will or at least secure their manufacturers! After a period of testing and testing, the US government agreed to sell the robots at various stores because of their ability to do many jobs at a lower cost and near-zero risk. But, as the Arab world says, "the wind comes as the ships do not crave."
    For many years, robots have been involved in all aspects of life and have become a major part of American society. But in 2038, when the latest game begins, the police receive numerous reports of abnormal behavior in many of these models. Some have attacked their owners and others have escaped without a clear cause. , By investigating a set of issues and simulating the conditions they are exposed to, the player begins to understand what is happening around him and finds out to what extent some humans can turn into animals so inferior that robots are fed up with their service.

    The Story :

    Detroit: Become Human
    The role of 3 different characters throughout the events, the first Connor, the latest model designed by CyberLife and characterized by sharp intelligence and the power of observation and the ability to analyze everything, primarily dedicated to help police solve various issues, or more precisely, Accidents of deviants or "variants" as they were called, those robots who suddenly decided not to obey commands and make random decisions that were far from basic programming. On the other hand, Marcus and Kara represented the other side of Android, both of which were originally designed To help with the home business however Were subjected to difficult situations affected them negatively and forced them to rely on themselves and not to obey the orders of human beings again.

    Throughout the 9 to 10 hour period, the player recognizes the views of the three characters and has a lot of events with them. Just as in the previous Heavy Rain, you can be a naughty, rebellious or aggressive person. The decision is up to you, but every decision you make or do The result is a dramatic story full of exciting details that leaves the player free to move in the direction he prefers. At the end of each stage, the user gets a blueprint showing all his decisions and the ways he did not behave to get him to re-play the game once again and learn about All results.

    Detroit is the most accurate and detailed in terms of the size of the available options and their impact on events, whether major or sub-choice. All decisions made by the player are cumulative and affect the events and actions of other characters. First, the player's role here is limited to a set of options that appear in each position, and the QTE that requires pressing a set of buttons at a specified time to cross the task successfully.
    These choices range from fateful options such as determining whether the priority is to save your partner from death or to continue to chase the culprit, which directly affects events, and from simpler options such as ridicule to someone's comments, ridicule, or a different idea In order to do this correctly, the player has to look around him constantly, knowing each person's past accurately and trying to use that information in the form of a discussion to convince the other party of your point of view without feeling compelled to do so.

    Although the game's events are in the distant future, and although the development team used to rely on somewhat fictitious elements in its previous projects, the Detroit story is based on facts that no one will deny. The fears of artificial intelligence and its potential for the future of humans are now being read and read by many Activists around the world, not to mention the interpretation of the main mystery of events in a distinctive way. The rebellion against human beings and the failure to obey their orders did not happen because of the concept of "free will" but because of dysfunction in the operating systems. These models may not know the true meaning of the word "freedom" Explain and understand all that is The core of them, which resulted in the refusal of some orders and follow an aggressive behavior towards their owners up to the point of murder.

    Given the time required to end the events of the game, I expected the player's decisions to be effective at all stages without exception, but unfortunately this did not happen, there are some chapters that focus on simple options do not affect the events significantly, not to mention the existence of stages at the beginning of the story dominated And there are other positions that leave the player full freedom to do what he likes, such as that moment when playing "Marcus" on the piano, or when the owner asked him to draw any Something is happening to him, but as I mentioned before, those events do not affect In the story and aim to give the player a sense of being part of the personality that controls. In Detroit there are two options to run events, complex situation and later regretted to choose because of the pivotal moments and important in the story associated with the rapid scenes imposed on the determination of my decision in a fraction of a second Without analyzing the situation or thinking about the consequences, but luckily there is a less complicated situation that gives you the opportunity to analyze your decisions before settling on them, but at the same time the risks become less positive or negative, unlike the first situation that turns the events upside down in each major option The situation here is closer to watching the film Instead of trying a video game, everything in front of you is designed to help you integrate into events, both the dazzling graphic level that surpasses any previous project of the team, the camera that can be changed with the click of a button or even the user interface and how to interact with other characters through a list The options that appear before the player without separating him from what is happening around him are not limited to options all the time, but there are many other activities that can be addressed such as analyzing the location of a crime or investigating the accused and trying to force them to confess or even redesign the crime scene To find out what the limit W, but even those options were not many enough, and were repeated continuously throughout the life of the game with very limited changes in each position.
    Detroit: Become Human

    The characters' presentation and the sequence of events was excellent in the first half of the game, but over time the events became more predictable, and some surprises were at least very disappointing to me, not to mention a series of illogical events that some would not accept. Todd Williams, owner of Kara, is a working-class drug addict who has been directly affected and lost his job after the spread of Android in all walks of life. Although he spends most of his day smoking and curing these drugs, he bought Kara to clean the house And interest in his child, and West that the prices of those models are not cheap and you need thousands of dollars, how can someone like this to get a form at a high price if the meal is made up of his dinner main pasta and water only due to the lack of any other food at home? The sound performance of all characters without exception was typical, whether changing the sound layer continuously depending on the seriousness of the situation or trying to stir the player's feelings in some scenes to sympathize with the characters in the form of Better, and what helped the level of dazzling graphic and unlimited details provided by the virtual environments, from the facial expressions and character features to the general atmosphere, such as walking in a park crowded with passers-by and listening to their side conversations that often revolve around Android, or The reflection of Kara's image on earth because of the never-ending rain or even the latest developments in the world in 2038 through e-journals everywhere, some of which are concerned with fashion and fashion, mostly focusing on technology and the Russian-American conflict in the Arctic. The main game that is of interest to every Arab player is the availability of Arabic translation and dubbing for the first time in the studio projects of Quantic Dream. Here, the Egyptian dubbing was adopted both in texts and in audio performance. As in most previous projects, Except for some limited personalities. The Egyptian translation or dialect was not suitable for most situations, both in terms of using words that are not in line with the nature of the game and its events or in the selection of some actors who performed a bit less like radio series without any spirit or interaction with the position As if they had participated in registration sessions without knowing the truth of the project they were working on.

    Finally :

    Detroit has produced an exciting dramatic story based on fictional events but very close to our reality. A group of well-designed characters, both in terms of dramatic appearance and background, the way they interact with events, the dazzling cinematic level of film and the player's options directly affect the story, The game delays procrastination in some chapters and the difficulty of controlling some situations even though the title depends entirely on the options that appear on the screen, in addition to the expected surprises at the end of the story and some positions that are not explained satisfactorily.

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