Dragon Ball FighterZ
    Dragon Ball FighterZ

    Dragon Ball FighterZ

    There are a few new fighting games that we get away from the new parts of the games series famous for this category of games, so when a publisher announces a new fighting game and in cooperation with a very distinctive development team in this area we feel excited but when we know it is a game derived from anime begins fears Because the results were often not his fans and everyone gets it is an experience directed to those who love the series and who will accept the level of the game regardless of what you offer, if the Dragon Ball FighterZ is among the games geared only to address fans? Or is it a fighting game characterized by the advent and worthy of experience anyway? Today we review the game and recognize the answer.

    Dragon Ball FighterZ
    Dragon Ball FighterZ is a two-dimensional fighting game from the famous Arc System Works team behind the Girly and Belize Blue chains and also on a previous Battle of the Dragon Ball game on the Nintendo DS3, the development team is once again making a comeback with the new dual-game fighting game This time for the current generation of home appliances and personal computer since the first disclosure of the game at the E3 last year and the masses are looking forward to this title and wish that the final experience of a game worthy of all this waiting game excellent fighting and good use of the rights of the classic Dragon Ball and we can provide a quick answer Coordination succeeded much to provide it.

    Since the presentation of the introduction quickly realize that there is a unique value of production for this project, a lot of anime shows we get either in the stage of the story or presentation of the introduction and the end and so on, here we have to talk about the fees provided by this game, if the team innovates a lot in this area with previous addresses and submit The details of the characters in the game is very much superior to this game, the characters look amazing when they see the screen and with a lot of details and the same is repeated with the backgrounds and wonderful effects of special strikes that will be happy every time you do only to see that wonderful view of the action crazy on the screen It does not even slowed down with the large number of Action that we see, also at the level of acoustics progress itself playing field very special here and it's great to add Japanese sounds as an option for players.

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    Dragon Ball FighterZ
    Let's talk about the game itself, well Dragon Ball FighterZ is a two-dimensional fighting game much like the Marvel vs. Capcom In terms of execution, you choose a team of 3 fighters and you can take advantage of the two additional characters to get more powerful strikes or special strikes that make the difference until the last second of the fighting and players can return only by implementing a strong combo exhausting your opponent completely, Simple, free of complexity and very easy to learn from beginners fighting games or professionals, but like any other fighting game you need a lot of exercises to become a professional in this game and try to know the best team can be used and the most appropriate time to carry out special strikes.

    The game begins with the characters mini or "Chibi" as they are called and start to identify the different stages of the game and there are capsules obtained by collecting points within the game that allows you to buy tools for network options and to tell the game servers were not working copy reviewers and therefore we will not talk about The level of online game review, the game offers with it a stage of the story and the fact that may be one of the most beautiful stages of the story that I fought a game of fighting in terms of how to narrate events and action in it and despite being not a lover of the Dragon Ball series, but many companies to learn how to provide the story of storytelling This game is also thrilled.

    This game is truly characterized by an entertaining and easy game system. At the same time it is very difficult to be professional. The development team is very proud to present the game and its content is very unique with game options and an exciting story for those who like to play alone and those who love playing will find many options here. The most entertaining and entertaining since we entered the generation of existing devices.

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