EA Sports UFC 3
    EA Sports UFC 3

    EA Sports UFC 3

    When it comes to athletics, EA is at the forefront of the publishing company interested in this genre in its various fields. During the last six years, EA Sports has focused on providing mixed martial arts in a distinctive way through the UFC series launched in 2014, followed by a second part in 2016 and finally EA Sports UFC 3 was released a few days ago to offer a number of unique changes in presentation, style of play or even experience. The company's focus in this part was not just improving the style of play, but also focusing on the flaming conflicts and making the players part Of them, starting from To use the services of the Irish wrestler Connor McGregor the star of the cover and the person known for his provocative statements against his rivals, and through the three most important games in his career, which is reviewed quickly, and finally find the same player controls the famous wrestler to confront his opponent Tony Ferguson in a burning game, Elements of the style of play and master the basics of defense and attack.

    Of course, the experimental game will not be enough to master the style of play and learn all its advantages. Luckily there is more than one way to help you overload your talent, either through the training section and watching the demo performances of defense and attack methods, or by experimenting and simulating with Quick Match games against artificial intelligence. They will not underestimate the gaps and eliminate you as quickly as possible. This is not just the pressure of the right buttons, like other combat games, but also factors such as the center of the player, the distance from his opponent, the angle he focuses on and his ability to control. The game offers a huge number of fighters participating in the mixed martial arts tournaments at the moment, but on the other hand lacks the title of the presence of many of the classic wrestlers, although the models of personalities have been impressive designs, whether on the level of facial features or physical anatomy or Even animation, while all the other characters that appear in the scene, such as the fans, the referee and the training team, have not received the same attention, and there is no distinguishing feature of their appearance. As with any combat game, the UFC 3 relies on consecutive strikes for the opponent to win or Physically flattened and then pinched, each button on the console provides a certain function such as punching and kicking the usual through the X and O buttons or through the use of L1 or L2 where the strength of the strike is changed and position, the same thing when addressing the defense, putting the players between the number There are a lot of options in every match. It is necessary to study the opponent's moves and attack methods to defend them better. Otherwise, you will find yourself receiving undefeated blows in record time and losing the game in the first stages. The ability to withstand and distribute the voltage on all runs is the password in this part. , The hasty person who continues to attack his opponent non-stop will find n His jaw collapses quickly and opens his defenses to receive striking blows lose his balance and put him on the ground immediately, so the user always balance the attack and defense and stop for seconds from one period to the other to capture his breathing and fitness, and more importantly the diversification of offensive methods, continue to hit your opponents in the same area more than once Will not be the same effect especially when it is closed the defense, and the exploitation of opportunities here plays a prominent role in resolving games, whether the fall of your opponent on the ground or when the collapse of his physical condition, the exploitation of those moments correctly ensure you win, but if you do not do so the opponent will be able to restore Energy and complete the game for a longer period and may end up losing you.
    Striking a strong blow to your opponent may have given you more chances to hit, but at the same time it may be a blow to the power of your opponent and you will find yourself unable to move or repel the counterattack. On physical strength only insofar as it depends on good behavior and space utilization, all of these things can be easily observed in any game while facing the opponent on the feet, but a major part of that sport is ground battles when the two sides remain on the ground for a while trying to control each other The other, this part is the worst of my opinion in Aslo Playing, where you will find yourself surrounded by many options that allow you either to defend yourself and try to stand by evading the opponent or try to tighten your grip on him, in both cases consumes a lot of the Stamina, and those confrontations in general were frustrating and time consuming A big useless little and was not presented better than what appeared in the second part, even after a long training I was suffering in every confrontation to land against the opponent. The main and most important game of the game lovers is the training stage, where the user begins his life as a beginner to make his way to the Championships Small access to the UFC to mend And the ability to perform some of the challenges against artificial intelligence in daily exercises such as directing a specific number of strikes or putting them on the ground, Although I feel bored in a few moments in any game I have tried because of the extravagant performances and performances, it is not possible in the style of My Career where you will find yourself forced to perform a set of repetitive exercises before each competition and spend a lot of time Without any benefit on the other side. On the other side comes the Ultimate Team style with noticeable changes, most notably the ability to increase the skills of your team through packages instead of players, as in the previous section, here the player has a team of 4 active wrestlers at the same time, These cards can change their appearance and improve their fighting abilities for use in group competitions over the net or against artificial intelligence. There are a huge number of competitions that keep the player busy for a long time, whether he likes to play individually or face other players. Your competitors will implement The challenges required to get points and money constantly are used to open more packs for better capabilities. It's like the ultimate in FIFA games. Unfortunately, purchases here play a prominent role, where you can get those packages against the default currency used in the title, or for real money , Which means that the more paid gets the capabilities and accessories better continuously and have a preference against those who do not favor payment, and although I personally got a suitable number of cards without spending any money, but that particular segment caused many problems in previous games, especially if They were tied to the group competitions and to The competition is not limited to the Ultimate style only, so anyone who wants to test their skills against another competitor in a balanced match can look at the style of Quick Online Match, which allows you to confront your opponent by relying on the available wrestlers in the game only without any Additional capabilities, or a ranked tournament experience that has a class-like system based on real wrestlers' capabilities, or a Custom Tournament style that allows you to freely customize games as you wish.

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