I did not have the chance to try Final Fantasy XV the moment it was released for some time, but I've always wanted to try it. This is the first game in the series that I really want to try. I've never had any previous experience in Final Fantasy - and I'm not proud of it - For some time until the Royal edition of most of the game additions that have been released since December 2016 so far, and after the judicial for long periods of play both in the main game and the contents of the download, it is time to give you my opinion fully and is worth buying or not. The events of the game in the world of Eos Where the hero of the game seeks Noctis Prince of the Kingdom Lucis to regain his kingdom and restore the magic crystal after being betrayed by the empire of Niflheim, the story may appear at first sight simple but over time begin to explore more and more, the story is described in the style of the classroom and something that surprised him in an RPG game open world but very well presented , And especially enjoyed the relationship of Noctis with his three friends Prompto and Gladiolus and finally Ignis and those who accompanied him throughout his journey in the game.

    About the game :

    The game is very impressive and very impressive. It may be one of the best games of the current generation that offers strong graphics especially in the shapes and features of the characters and the movement of the hair. The drawings are already full of detail in the characters' clothes, the exterior design, buildings, animals and monsters, as well as the Regalia. It's fantastic both inside and outside and during the rain, thanks to the fantastic Luminous game engine, which offers amazingly realistic graphics. Speaking of the Regalia, I must mention that I really enjoyed my trips with them, Music and songs for the series, and even you can buy more of these sections while playing from some stores in the game, a very distinctive addition, which makes you feel calm and psychological comfort when moving between the battles and various tasks in the game, but I wish I could control the car Bigger, where the car lets you either drive Ignis or lead you - Noctis - but when you drive it all you own is pressing the button to increase the speed - no more than 70 or 80 km / h - and I wish I could increase speed even more Especially since the number of cars traveling on the road is very few, namely n The other thing made me feel bored afterwards and make a quick transition instead of driving - unless of course you want to listen to the music and enjoy the scenery - the car is another special feature of the game. Cid - one of the most influential and favorite for me - in the game to customize the car and make it better always. But we can not talk about the car and move it, and not to talk about the Chocobo wonderful birds used to move in And the areas where the car can not be reached, and you can also participate in its own races. But as much as the car was as distinctive as I did not like personalizing the characters' clothes, most of the time you would choose between a full range of clothing, classic, Of course, there are additional advantages to the character, but I wish I could customize my clothes better. As for the RPGs in developing the skills of the player, they are excellent and offer you many great options for developing them, teamwork with your friends, fighting style, As we mentioned above, the world is very special, and I felt that it was a unique and unique world like many games, a world I wish I could live in. There are all the technical tools, phones, video games and special dishes, and at the same time there is life The world of the game combines the style of cultural and rural life in an excellent and unique manner, and the designs of the monsters is very wonderful, and I spent a lot of time in the control of these monsters and how to interact with the environment, and I must also mention the city of Lestallum, And you can go to the market to buy your needs and sit in a restaurant in the street to eat popular meals, I like the company's focus already in the diversity of eating and different from one restaurant to another, for example the quality of food in one The big hotels differ from the food in a popular restaurant, and Ignis can learn how to do a certain kind of food while you are in a restaurant to prepare you for the camp. As long as we mention Camp, we can talk about it a bit. Is preparing a camp And your friends to take a break. Ignis prepares the food, and Prompto displays the photos he took during your trip - by the way this is one of the most unique features I have ever seen in any game - in fact this feature alone made me not take any special pictures of the game at all The higher the Prompto shooting level, the better, the more powerful the images are. The camp is one of the other things that will make you feel comfortable, calm and serene between battles and different tasks. You can also train with Gladiolus on different fighting styles and develop them. The relationship between Noctis, Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus is very strong. The relationship between them is the best in the story. I enjoyed the many conversations between Noctis and his friends and how that applies to fighting as we will remember later.

    The Story :

    For example, Noctis loves fishing, while Prompto loves photography even during battles, while Ignis is a professional chef. The game world and move on talking to the style of playing and tasks in the game, for the style of play and fighting it offers a method of playing action is very wonderful and provides the game combos distinctive and you can do with your companions in the game, the more advanced and increased the level of characters in the game the more cooperation between them and open movements Better and more, p The game is really fun and well designed, and there is also Wait Mode, which is similar to the Tactical Mode in Dragon Age Inquisition where the game is stopped at the beginning of the fighting so you can study the battlefield well and think about how to end it in your best way possible, During the fighting, the weapons are better in the face of the enemy, because each enemy is affected by a particular type of weapon more than others. As for story missions, they are good and well designed through storytelling, but for side tasks and other activities were not, rarely found Side task I liked and there is a repetition of KBI In some side tasks I feel a lot bored. Some of them have missed me to complete the story. There are also fishing missions. Even though they involve talking to one of the waiters at restaurants and choosing to catch one of the monsters you will get prizes. The Witcher is definitely superior to the Witcher 3, but it also bothered me to repeat some of the dialogue phrases between your friends in the game, which makes me bored, and I wish I could find side conversations Among these characters more exciting I did not find myself associated with Noctis, the hero of the game, I felt that his style was boring and his way too artificial, but in contrast I was impressed by other characters in the game such as Cid, Gladiolus , Prompto, Ignis and other characters, but for the sound performance of the characters it is distinctive and the conversations were recorded in a wonderful way, and also provided the game music soundtrack of the best music that has heard in the games in the last period.The Royal Edition also offers new areas to explore for players such as Insomnia City Ruins , And also the possibility to experience the curse B From the perspective of the first person of the fans of this perspective and was a different experience and distinct, with some battles of the new leaders, as you can now finally control the Royal Vessel - I will not remind you what is so as not to burn the story - and all the contents of the seasonal ticket, I enjoyed her very much and even felt that her story was more about her than the main story, despite the short story duration of her own, in addition to playing the team also, this version is already the best version and provide a complete experience of the game Final Fantasy XV, if you have not bought the game yet I advise you to buy This version.

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