Just Dance 2019
    Just Dance 2019

    Just Dance 2019

    Just Dance 2019 is a simulation game for the rhythmic dance of concerts, it has been developed and published by Ubisoft.

    PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Wii.

    Playstation 3 - The Gold Standard - PlayStation 3 - PlayStation 4 - PlayStation 4 - Playstation 4 - Nintendo Wii

    For PS4 devices, you can download the Just Dance application on your mobile phone, connect it to the game with YouTube, remote control the Wii U or Joy-Con.

    The system of playing in Just Dance 2019

    Like previous games, Just Dance requires players to synchronize their dance movements with the on-screen dance moves.

    On-screen help forms help you know what movement to do to make it easier for you if your eyes can not keep up with the dance on the game screen.

    The movements of your dance are evaluated by a number of points calculated for each movement you have made correctly, and the points are finally grouped to give you a final rating in the form of stars based on the number of points obtained during dancing.

    What the game hides about you is that dances not only provide pleasure for the musical ears, but also act as a kind of enjoyable exercise, where you will find yourself sweating after two or three songs.

    Game developers already know this, so they re-introduced Sweat Mode from previous games in the new game, a system that measures the number of calories you burned while dancing on tunes in each song.

    There is also the new Kids Mode system, which offers 8 new songs, with innovative dance designs for children. The system also incorporates some songs from the original game system in Kids Mode, whose words and movements are suitable for children.

    Just Dance Unlimited, Ubisoft's subscription service, allows you to play more than 400 songs other than the songs available in the game.

    Of course, the online system World Dance Floor is back in the game, and is periodically updated with new events and competitions.

    There are no systems from the previous parts like Dance Lab, Dance Machine in the game, which added some kind of story systems that I missed in the new game.

    There is nothing new in any of the lists that you mentioned, but it is still good to see some of the systems introduced in the previous sections come back again, because it was a great addition to the character of the game and the amount of fun it offers.

    New Playlists

    It is probably the reason why you are reading this review now, so I would like to reassure readers that this year's song list is one of the most diverse and varied songlists, and of course dancing on them is still very enjoyable.

    There are songs in many different languages, such as Korean, Russian, Arabic, and many strong songs for famous bands and singers such as Bruno Mars, BIGBANG, Sean Paul, Daddy Yankee, Daft Punk, Drake, Ariana Grande. There is also a song from the famous COCO movie added.

    There are also some songs with different versions such as Pacman, Rhythm Of The Night, Mi Mi Mi, I'am Still Standing.

    The players in the Arab world will also be pleased to learn that Hala Bakhmis has been added to singer Maan Barghout, the famous Syrian singer and singer, for copying the game in the Middle East.

    Of course, the videos themselves are a completely different world. Each song's clip contains a variety of different, attractive and repetitive movements. I do not think I felt weary at any moment when I played a song in the game because of the attractive colors and movements that appear in all the videos.

    The game also offers Playlists, which are collections of songs suitable for each particular taste in dance, such as songs for girls, and songs designed to dance on the two players, three and four, and songs designed for sports training on them.

    The control interface has been completely changed to become easier to handle, to accommodate the diversity of added songs this year, and you can now see dances and their form from the start menu before entering the same song.

    Most of the songs found it very easy to sync my movements with them, get high scores, even hard songs and which I played for the first time and found myself getting the highest scores in them.

    The game learns your dance habits and suggests content that you will also like. For every mood you will encounter when you play the game, you will find the Just Dance list designed specifically for you.

    The game also offers you daily challenges you can get to get coins and prizes you use to get items to change your form and get new graphics and new forms of your profile character.


    Although I'm impressed with the choices of new songs, the game does not seem to make any great effort to move the series a step forward, but of course there are some systems that have improved the experience of the game much like HD Rumble on the Nintendo Switch systems, which made me really interact with the songs significantly.

    But the basic game itself has nothing new but a change in the control interface system, I wish the game to focus on adding new systems or a way to attract different types of players, but it seems that the game focuses on the base of existing fans only.

    I can consider the game as adding DLC ​​to the previous game with a new look, but there is not much that drew attention to take this game a completely new version of its predecessor Just Dance 2018

    you can buy it from Ubisoft

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