In the first part of Ni No Kuni, a simple RPG game is presented in its entirety with an exciting story, addictive style and world-class design, both in its detail and overall appearance, which will make anyone eager to visit him again at the earliest opportunity. Using the same formula that included the success of the series several years ago, but made several bold changes that made the series undoubtedly impose itself as one of the most prominent Japanese RPG games that went out to light recently. These changes began to give up Oliver and the old team attached to the players and replaced by personalities Completely new and radically different story Ri may not have anything to do with what happened in the previous part, and to the dialogues and comments related to many of the thorny issues in our current world, such as racism, corruption, intolerance and cynicism on some prominent names in the world of politics, which I did not expect at all whether the events of the game in a fantasy world , Or because of its childlike and cartoonistic appearance. At the same time, Ni No Kuni 2 retained its different appearance in its first part, whether in the design of the virtual world or characters that appear closer to animation films, while the game saw significant changes in all its other elements to progress Try And the newcomers who will not have any difficulty integrating with the events of the second part directly even if they have not had the chance to experience the first part before. The story of the game focuses on the character of Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum half a human being and half a cat, To the throne of Ding Dong Dell, who finds himself stalking and threatening death on the day of his coronation after overturned by one of his father's assistants, at that moment Roland by chance purely to help Evan regain his throne after a loud explosion in our modern world targeted the United States and both decide to work together to establish A new kingdom to unite all But in fact the links between the first and the second parts are almost nonexistent except for the Mornstar artifact that existed in the last part. The biggest difference is the inability to navigate between the two worlds as before. The whole game takes place this time in the world of Evan Evan quickly manages to escape and decides not only to restore his former kingdom, but to create a new kingdom called Evermore and unify the world under its banner, Hence it starts at His journey, which did not stop my surprise all the time, though, it is certain that some players do not accept this, who has already played the previous game will be frustrated by the inability to know the events in the real world in all its details, especially after the start of the exciting events of the game and Leaving behind many questions.

    Story : 

    Although the story's events are good and get more exciting over time, the game itself does not go at a steady pace. Sometimes the events are shortened to a short film scene or textual texts that force you to move on to the next task. Next, I personally feel that there is randomness in the course of events and the choice of dialogues that deserve more attention instead of others, which is clearly shown when the player approaches more than the end, but on the other hand the title provides a magical virtual world designed with accuracy and various features depending on the region visited by the player, Both areas are fenced With the Asian design or the technologically developed cities. The Ni No Kuni 2 fun moves into the game mode, namely the simple yet distinct system of clashes, which is based mainly on the elements of the Hacks and Slash games instead of the old Pokemon-like system. The successive strikes of your opponent non-stop and the player chooses only one character of the group while the rest of the characters are controlled by artificial intelligence, and regardless of the basic fighting methods are similar, each character has a different set of skills that can be used to eliminate the opponent in a way Ra, and if the player over time to identify the capabilities of opponents and weaknesses, will be able to eliminate them in a shorter period of time. The method of fighting depends on light strikes and concentrated and the integration of these capabilities together resulting in more rapid combat skills and impact on the opponents, It has a limited amount of MP that can be used in combat for long range weapons, or provide it for better skills in the future. With the ability to choose which character to play from your team, the player can change continuously throughout the events or rely on one character only and master all of its methods Combat for Neta C more effective in the various confrontations.

    Confrontations :

    Clashes in general depend on how each player manages the battle, using his tools effectively, studying his opponent's weaknesses and waiting for the right moment to attack. This is directly related to the development of skills and abilities of other characters that play an important role at different times. Battles in the use of different tactics such as eliminating a certain type of enemies faster or increase the impact of heavy blows to make the difference in difficult times, or resistance to certain types of attack and exposure to less damage, according to the same method of playing the same user choices that take Instead of wandering around continuously and exploring the virtual world of the past on the monsters that wanted to fight next to it, as in the first part, I found myself looking for elements called Higgledies, which in turn provided me with a range of ongoing assistance on the battlefield. Or the use of them in the attack on my enemies, but in the light of the battles somewhat I did not feel the importance of this matter or the usefulness of its use, the same for some elements that appeared limited in the beginning of events and disappeared as a method of infiltration and concealment or puzzles that did not exist enough Throughout the period The innovation in presenting some elements in a manner that serves the events made me personally accept the idea of ​​building the Kingdom that was presented in a dazzling manner this time. Here the player can help Evan build his kingdom in the way he likes with many options. But I invested in it for a long time and I felt like I was in front of a completely different game like Sim City. It was not an RPG game. My ability to choose buildings and places to create them and the skills and abilities that could be developed continuously would make anyone spend long hours In the design of his kingdom without a Feeling bored or repetition.

    You can also employ more than 100 different citizens by playing side-by-side, every citizen in a particular field, whether agriculture, magic or mining, depending on the mode of play each user can focus on the elements that serve his goal, such as focus on agriculture to get better resources used In the formulation of weapons and armor or investment in combat skills and access to more feasible methods and capabilities, but the disadvantage of this pattern is the need to reach a certain level at the end of the game to complete the events, which represents a huge burden for many users, and considered by some procrastination to prolong the playing time not Sound performance in Ni No Kuni 2 It was good overall and helped to increase interaction with events in a great way but unfortunately the title was adopted all the time on the written conversations deaf with an audio scene from time to time so as not to lose the focus of the player, it would have been better if the full address on the sound performance in all conversations, A game in the current generation, but on the other hand, the game has provided a world of virtual pleasing eyes and beautiful aesthetic manifestations and cities of different designs and exciting adventures lasting dozens of hours.

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