Sekiro shadows die twice
    Sekiro shadows die twice

     sekiro shadows die twice review

    Sekiro shadows die twice is the latest version of FromSoftware Studio, the developer studio for both Bloodborne and Dark Souls, also from Activision. Both Bloodborne and Dark Souls have been characterized by a very difficult and complex level of play and are considered by some to be one of the toughest games in history.


    The game takes place in Japan about a ninja known as Wolf, whose mission is to protect his little master Kuro from a ninja clan trying to kill him known as Ashina because of a certain mystery related to the blood of the prince's dynasty. Wolf is defeated in one of his battles and loses his arm. The little prince is also kidnapped, His strength and get an industrial arm instead of losing it to begin his journey to retrieve the little prince and protect him.

    The story has a lot of overlapping events and reinforced the power of story narrative style where it relied heavily on the dialogues that arise between the hero of the game and the characters inside, while reducing the display of cinematic scenes as usual in recent games, and the story time is very good up to 25 Play Clock.

    Sekiro shadows die twice

    Difficulty level of the game :

    The game of the quality of Adventure Action RPG games in addition to the system Stealth, which gave the method of playing a variety of, and tends to play the way to speed and freedom of movement and helps with the mechanics of jumping, especially Grappling Hook, and the hidden side of the game has a very large role as the level of difficulty of the game requires Of the player the use of concealment to reduce the number of enemies because of the difficulty of confronting all enemies, and the system of concealment in the game contrary to what some might expect it to facilitate the level of play compared to the previous studio games, but in our opinion is a proof of how difficult the game and the degree of challenge that puts the game player Where as we mentioned Previously, it is always better to reduce the number of enemies in the region before resorting to direct fighting. For example, the player's confrontation with the enemy at the same time is almost an end in death, even with weak defenses of some enemies, but they can kill you by a blow or two. The game has a very difficult and sometimes provocative style. For example, you can not eliminate leaders by attacking or hitting. You must understand the strengths and weaknesses of each leader. Without understanding the weaknesses of each leader, you may find yourself dying from the first leader you encounter. In the game, this degree of difficulty gives a sense of unmatched victory when overcoming one of the leaders and will feel the player with a high degree of pride and achievement with every progress made in the game.
    Sekiro shadows die twice

    Fighting style:

    The fighting method in the game depends on the sword strikes and repel the enemy strikes in addition to the Shinobi industrial arm and also the jumping and maneuver and the player must use these basic skills and diversification between them in a sophisticated and professional character to win the battles, the game is characterized by a very difficult level.

    The death penalty is unique :

    The game has a unique and unique death penalty system. When you die, you lose half of the money and experience you have. The enemies who are killed come back again. The game is linear in relatively large areas and your progress in the story depends on the dialogues you play with Other characters In the death of the main character, the other characters in the game suffer disease known as Dragonrot and this disease in turn leads to the inability of these characters to talk to you, which leads to a halt in progress in the game and it is imperative for the player to heal the characters first before making progress in the game by Use of a particular purpose are compiled and this system makes the player be careful, surely it is not good to die in this game so much.
    Sekiro shadows die twice

    A different style of custom development:

    The personal development system in the game is very different from the usual style which is to collect points of experience by killing enemies but the experience points here let you buy some of the movements and features of the personality and Baffy personal development depends on two basic elements:
    1. The power of strikes is done by killing leaders and assembling their own memories.
    2. Increase the level of health by assembling Prayer Bead, which you collect from powerful enemies
    It is noted that this method stimulates the player to return the game more than once to collect the memories to increase the strength of personality, which gives the game the value of excellent play.
    The world of the game is large, interdependent and complex and this ramification leads to some kind of inter-regional connection, and you will find yourself returning to the regions to complete other tasks, which will make you save the game world and live with it as if you are actually living in the world. In addition, the game system helps to discover and reward the explorer with a set of tools Rare ones with distinctive characteristics.

    Game graphics :

    The game has been able to move the players of the old Japanese cities significantly with an excellent night and day cycle supported by the quality of good lights, but it should be noted that the regions, although successful in the transfer of the atmosphere of Japanese cities, but note that there is no great diversity in the design of buildings within the game or the world General You will find the environment varied between forests, snow or dry areas but you feel that the buildings are very similar.

    Despite the high technical level in drawing the world of the game, however, the graphics or graphics in the game is good or we can classify it with good high but does not reach the degree of excellence if we compare the game with the games of the current generation.

    The game gives perfect performance on the PC platform with very high-flying and stable performance. A graphics processor such as 1050 ti gives you a consistent performance of 60 frames per second on high

    Unlike the PC platform, the game gives an average or wobbly performance on the consoles, especially the PlayStation. The frames drop to 30 frames per second on the PlayStation 4 at some stages and may rise in other stages, which is highly linked to the content displayed on the screen.

    The music of the game is excellent and includes both quiet and epic Japanese music and the music is varied and varied by the variety of activity that the character plays.

    The sound performance of the characters has a great role in adding a distinguishing feature of the game. It is well done and is consistent with the graphic design of the characters.
    Sekiro shadows die twice

    The disadvantages of the game :

    The game is fixed and the repetition of the design of the movements of the knockout the player finds himself repeating the same performance representative every time he hit a judge.

    The artificial intelligence of the game is weak on the one hand, and when you kill one of the enemies, you will find his colleague passes by him without taking any action as if he did not care about the death of his colleague.

    Sometimes the angle of the camera is dispersed and suspended in some areas, causing personal death.

    It should be noted that the previous defects are not so great as they do not spoil the fun and experience of the game but it was inevitable to mention it is known that there is no integrated work, especially if the size of Sekiro Shadow Die Twice.

    Is the game similar to the previous game for the developer of the game?

    In fact, the game has a level of difficulty no less than the level of difficulty found in the previous games of the studio developed but vary greatly at the same time in terms of the style of play based on speed and freedom of movement and also in terms of the game and the facilities in which there is a presentation that does not contradict With difficulty playing level, for example, all the characters will allow you to do what you want and where you are located. Sometimes you will be given a message with information about the task. You can not kill the side characters and the hiccups from the high places that led to the death of the character have disappeared.

    From the previous lines, we find that the game redefined a new definition of hard games. The hard game is a game that enjoys a stimulating and competitive game style without resorting to relatively cheap tricks such as falling from high altitude or inability to stop playing.

     Unlike Bloodborne or Dark Souls, the game does not involve the game of online play. It is an individual experience based on the story phase, relying entirely on no RPG elements.

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