Tetris Effect
    Tetris Effect

    History Story :

    • This game has a past engraved in the world of games, and is known to the history of any player in us even if not preferred to experience, and with Tetris Effect back to the past, but towards a new path filled with music and artistic creativity. The artistic path taken by this game did not provide a story it is obvious The journey will not be long, but rather short, the game tries to avoid it by relying on the difficulty that accompanies the system of play, perhaps this It will not make you feel short of spiritual adventure road, time You will find a second branch of this adventure that will be closed, but you will finish the first and main journey. The world around you is not lacking any creativity in design, most of it is centered around the space, ambiguity and theme related to these objects, with a touch of brilliant colors, I admit that I never liked this type of game. Before I started playing, I was hesitant about reviewing this game originally, but I was surprised that it was an enjoyable experience that exceeded my expectations. The brilliant designs and the full music made me happy Bo T with the game even though the idea of ​​playing style is the same never change.

    • The feeling of pleasure accompanied me for many hours, until I began to ask if there was anything new to be drawn from the idea of ​​this mode of play. Was the developer intent on moving away from a new Tetris innovation in respect of his memory or was the arena of innovation full of risks? My reason for these questions is that you will spend about 3 or 4 hours without feeling bored, but what next? For me, I deliberately pushed myself to finish this review, but I'm sure that Tetris fans will not experience this boredom. In all cases, there is a vacuum of innovation that could be filled as much as possible. If you find this game as difficult as me, you can experiment with the main phase by choosing less The difficulty level is to train, and make sure you feel full fun in it, or you can of course challenge yourself with the three levels of difficulty known. Where lies this pleasure? Not in the order of one row of pieces, but in the wonderful effects surrounding you, it will leave you bored and keep the excitement in your heart and the control hand, as the game exploits the capabilities of Daulshocker 4 as much as possible, in terms of vibration at least, beside the factor effects, there are different forms of cutting In each platform then stop, the effects vary and correspond to the nature of the shape and environment of these formats. These features come with support for virtual reality glasses, something I have not experienced but adds a positive game without doubt, the ordinary player can seek some of the features of this theme is a three- Dimensions of platforms, you will feel unstable It is possible to interact with the rest of the players and to see most of their favorite platforms unanimously, quiet platforms for example or that It requires a strong challenge, and here you can recognize the creativity of the players in innovation as well, and try different phases of the challenge, but all of them eventually mutate around the idea of ​​Tetris itself but according to the duty you are required, such as to end a certain number of rows or survive until the end of time and so on, Thus as less There is no other key idea of ​​how to play here. As we all know, you will not buy this game for the fee of course, and therefore we will forgive it. This is not the first, but the most creative. On the technical side of design and graphics rather than realism, and he certainly did. The other thing that he did very well, the musical influences and melodies fresh added what was really the most beautiful thing in the experience, some of these sounds is not what I like to hear, I found myself in the midst of feelings of pleasure and enthusiasm though, and perhaps you can I can guarantee this for the rest of the players as well.

    Conclusion :

    • We are here to commemorate an old icon, the repetition of the style of play may have pushed this revival a bit into the abyss, but the musical tunes and visual effects synchronized with the style of play is what saved them from the hell of repetition, and this may be the game that makes those who did not previously want to He changes his mind, but whoever loves Tetris will be delighted with this release without a doubt.

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