The Division 2
    The Division 2

    The Division 2

    An entire American city is closed, the National Guard is stationed in a hospital in the center of Manhattan, more deaths than AIDS and Ebola, Central Park turned into a mass grave, looting, looting and power outages ... The outbreak of smallpox on the World Day of Reductions in 2015, when the virus was planted on the currency that spread like wildfire in light of the huge purchases that occur on this day, and soon things go bad to be Manhattan completely quarantined and the events of the first part of the The Divis ion who promised a lot and gave little, so the second part is an opportunity that will not repeat Ubisoft to bring things back to normal and provide the experience we all waited for in 2016.

    Story :

    In The Division 2, the city of New York, with its snowy skies and cloudy skies and cold weather, moves to Washington after receiving a distress signal from the US capital demanding that customers save the situation and protect the White House from collapsing amid a civil war between survivors of the outbreak and street gangs that found the opportunity On the plate of gold to impose their control of the city and kill any spark I hope to predict the return of the situation of what it was in the past by destroying the symbol of the first country and the seat of government, here begins the journey of the player seven months after the events of the part of 2016 and his first mission to thwart To the armed attack on the White House and to restore hope to the population in the eradication of chaos and anyone who begs himself to terrorize the survivors. The situation in Washington is in a continuous decline and resources are scarce and chaos pervades the streets and the law of survival of the strongest prevailed and to restore things to the correct balance on the player work in more than one direction and cooperate with more From a person and face many factions that have taken control of different parts of the city, this is done through a series of major tasks and secondary and a large number of sub-activities difficult to count, and despite the possession of the game to a world designed with a perfect and detailed dramatic background regarding the spread of turquoise The Massive studio missed the opportunity to present an interesting story that was supposed to become a key element in increasing the appeal of the title through the followers of a better narrative style and providing charismatic personalities with the presence of Strong player is associated with the length of the story instead of moving from one task to another without a clear goal or dramatic events that make the player really cares about the difficult situations he is going through.
    After a short while you will notice that the story is no more than a set of commands that the player gets continuously and repeatedly such as going to that area and downloading data from an encrypted computer and protecting that person and shooting the bad guys, and the reason for this feeling is the primitive narrative style and rely on communication with other characters Through wireless communications, except for very limited positions, building your knowledge about what is happening through recordings in Washington, and the absence of interactive film clips and memory-related characters. Fortunately, the design of the tasks was varied and well-done, In addition, the focus of the story on superficial events does not really fit the difficult situation the player is going through, and avoid the thorny political issues in a game that is taking place in the capital of the most powerful nation in the world that has been devastated by disease, the split of many groups and the outbreak of civil war in its streets, Ubisoft believes that avoiding situations and political situations is appropriate for such a game! The Division 2 is a game based on a third perspective that relies primarily on cooperative play and puts the players in a hostile environment that is full of different activities. In fact, the content provided by the title is so huge that it will make any other development team specialized in looting or looter. The player finds himself in a huge world that interacts better with him as he progresses in the events and develops his skills and his various equipment. All the elements of the method play together harmoniously and without feeling compelled to deal with certain tasks to reach a higher level. Most importantly, the game is rewarding Whether you prefer to address the main tasks directly or explore all the corridors and the Washington alley, you will receive weapons, armor and equipment of importance that will suit your classification and push you forward with complete freedom and without feeling impotent, as long as the areas that fit your level and rank are adhered to. Is a key element in increasing the player's interaction with the title as it is the only means of movement except for fast travel. Although my primary goal is to get to the main or sub-starting points each time, I sometimes find myself attacked by a surprise patrol from an armed patrol. And when the luck stands at my side, it guides me intuitively to the alleys, abandoned houses and narrow back streets that reward me for visiting with different elements - weapons, hardware, shirts, shoes and jackets that are of no importance except Give the virtual character a distinctive and stylish appearance.
    The Division 2

    Skills :

    Each of the above eight techniques provides 3 different versions that can be opened through progress. These versions change the way the basic skill works quite differently. For example, the automatic machine gun or Turret can be used to shoot in all directions or to snipe enemies accurately The game will last up to 35 hours. The player will learn about each skill and issue it until it is based on the best options that suit his style and give him preference. The advantage here is not to secure yourself. Just, but you'll find the same You have to rely on the tools that serve your team as a whole because we are talking about a cooperative game in the first place based on tactical play and concentration and move carefully from cover to other cover, so I used Turret in shooting with the ability to direct in any area to protect my teammates, replaced Chem Launcher in Hive After a short time so I can help all my friends in a longer time instead of the first skill imposed on the choice of one person only to help him or to help myself automatically faster. These skills do not enrich the player to take advantage of the basics of the method of playing as the need to focus properly and move from Barrier for To another without leaving yourself exposed to enemies, and constantly changing your site to ensure survival under the advanced artificial intelligence of the opponents, which surpassed the first part in an intolerable form, here the player faces the factions of hyenas and sons loyal and untouchables, each faction has a different appearance and methods of defense and attack , And that segment is clear when confronted with leaders and leaders, while the lower ranks are quick and able to re-focus and surprise the player if it continues to position for a long time, but in turn easy to eliminate them quickly, on the other hand, the higher ranks committed to its sites This leads us once again to the necessity of re-positioning and using the environment for your benefit either by aiming at the explosives in each location to force them to move, or communicating with the rest of your team and adopting different tactics that allow you to cover as much space as possible at the same time In view of the fact that weapons are the only way to save and deter armed gangs. As the main element of the game is battles and clashes, the title offers a huge variety of firearms that serve every direction, starting with pistols and weapons Light weapons, automatic rifles, machine guns, heavy guns, sniper rifles, machine guns and rifles that need manual handouts with each shot. These weapons are available in dozens, but the player continues to receive them all the time, with different stats and abilities to suit each user's classification. Spatially complex customization makes anyone with whom they spend long periods of time in order to arrive at the optimal formula that suits their style, including skill, gear, health status and weapon impact, and extends to smaller assignments in the accessories for each weapon Viewfinder and ammunition and the additional damage caused by injury enemies.

    Quests :

    Most of the main tasks in the game take place in Washington's famous landmarks and allow the player to inspect many of the historic buildings and tour them as if they were his backyard. The main task design has seen a wonderful diversity - regardless of the story of each mission - Concentrate from time to time and most importantly, the fun of those tasks are embodied in cooperative play and not individual, unlike the secondary tasks that preferred to run individually as it is a suitable challenge for one player and provide short events ending within 10 to 15 minutes.After a while you will find yourself It has dozens of weapons And the accessories that you have been able to collect, and of course you will not use them all and you will want to get rid of them, you have more than one option to touch it in a flash, either dismantle the equipment and take advantage of its own pieces in the formulation of weapons and equipment entirely new from the base of operations, And the exploitation of money in the purchase of better equipment, or storage in order to transfer the basic advantages of other equipment they prefer to use, those small details of the style of playing together together over time to provide the player a semi-integrated experience allows him to control everything around him. Washington, which is the capital of the strongest countries The world turned in T He Division 2 to an infested city surrounded by death from every direction starting from the huge streets that have emptied humans and crawled to the various manifestations of nature, whether plants that grow in every corner automatically or wild animals that do not know the difference between urbanization and demagoguery, Her food. In sight, there are only thousands of abandoned cars and garbage piles surrounded by flying insects. Even the city's most prominent landmarks have not been spared by the riots and violence that are clearly manifested through the sarcastic phrases on the walls of museums or the level of decay that has reached the city and resulted in the conversion of these cultural centers To the armed camps of bandits, the appearance of the environment is ideal and expresses the end of the world amazingly, there are hundreds of details in each area and contribute in one way or another to increase the player immersed with events and enjoy the surrounding atmosphere, in addition to the weather is constantly changing and stigmatized Such as rain, which increases the situation of misery and frustration, or the sunlight fleeing from behind the giant buildings to instill hope in the hearts of customers and push them to complete their journey with enthusiasm.
    Not only the game with the huge content in the main story, which requires more than 30 hours of play, but learn Massive studio of the second mistake was the most prominent element in the players away from the first part, the content after the end of the game, here shows a new faction called Black Tusk is a A secret military group that suddenly spread in Washington to secure their positions, and the player to engage in fierce confrontations against them to regain control of the situation, it is like the transition to the game completely new in light of the dependence of the group on sophisticated weapons and lethal technical equipment to make them face a very difficult task, and their control over all areas that The player has edited it You will find yourself spending dozens of hours editing the camps and increasing the strength of your equipment to tackle the following tasks, with the exception of almost one task, the player himself addresses the same sites that hosted the basic story tasks but the confrontations vary greatly due to the hardware of the opponents in the first place, yet you will not feel bored If you think that's all in The Division 2, then you're wrong. There are still PvP divisions split into the Conflict phase, which provide fierce matches for two teams against each other. In weapons And better equipment, and if you get bored of those confrontations you can always address the quarantine area, which expanded in this version and became 3 different areas distributed on the outskirts of the map, and embrace random events and confrontations of the type PvE and PvP in case you decide to break the familiar and break away from the principles of the Organization The performance of the game technical on the PS4 was stable most of the time except the decline of the tire rate in limited positions, although I suffered from the delay loading of textures provocatively and a variety of technical problems that do not disturb the whole experience as a whole and easy to get rid of In the period Coming, and the level of graphic was impressive overall, although the specifications PS4 limited the possibilities of the game considerably compared with a copy of a personal computer.

    As a continuation of Ubisoft's fruitful efforts in the Middle East, the game has supported the Arabic translation in the lists which are the best without exception compared to any game that has been Arabized in recent years, while the translation of dialogues, although it provided a unique opportunity for all Arab players to learn about events in our mother tongue, Were not quite accurate in some situations, on the other hand came the Arabic dubbing good overall in spite of repeated the same problem of the representatives of the identity of the characters or sufficiently affected by the positions they are exposed, as if they did not see the events in the first place.

    Conclusion :

    The Division 2 is not a whole new game compared to the first part but it shows the ability of Massive Studio to learn from the mistakes of the past and listen to the positive views that ultimately resulted in one of the best games of this kind in terms of the huge content and stunning design of the virtual world and activities Each hour, players will spend long hours discussing key and subsidiary tasks and developing their equipment with huge content after the end of the events and enjoyable group play, but no one will overlook the poor story, the poor narrative style, the completely disinterested characters, the superficial dialogues Yeh that any difference will not occur either listened to or did not do.

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