The Elder Scrolls Online is now considered one of the best MMORPG games in the current generation of devices. Despite its relatively low start, Zenimax Online has not been slow in supporting its game with many expansions and additions that make it one of the best games Generation. Summerset adds more players to the game, but adds more to explorers.

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    If you have not played TESO yet and are considering buying this version, you can play the expansion directly without having to try the game as a whole. Although the story of the expansion is linked to the main story of the game, However, it does not require full understanding or full understanding of the events of the game, a feature rarely found in the expansion of MMO games. The story of the Summerset expansion follows the events of the expansion of Morrowind. Queen Ayrenn allowed foreigners to enter Sumerset for the first time after being available to its citizens Elves only.

    In fact, the Summerset world is very distinctive and spectacular, and despite the beauty of the world, unfortunately there are not many areas to explore. It may be that I was waiting for a better world than Morrowind, which I consider to be the best in all expansions, In the Summerset world you will find that cities are a bit like each other.

    Certainly, the style of play has not changed much from what we saw in the original game or previous expansions, but I am quite satisfied with the length of the story. The expansion required about 40 hours, which is an excellent time to finish the main story and some side tasks. I do not want to go into details so I will not burn you anything from the game - you can also explore the existing Dungeons if I like it, but I did not find any difference in what was already in the game.

    But as I said at the beginning, the real expansion is the story. The expansion extends a very special story and great characters, whether it's Queen or Razum-Dar, and I also like how the Elves on the island deal with outsiders they see as foreign people who can exploit them and other ideas that are in the imagination Any citizen, and the studio has also exploited this subject in some of the tasks that will involve the search and rescue some new people from those Elves who are trying to exploit them, and I also liked that the game gives you a sense that your decisions have a significant impact in the game and characters around you on Although it is for I am also impressed by the extent to which the company is interested in NPC characters. The characters here have a big role in the events of the story and not just figures that have been set to fill the void as in some MMO games. The expansion will also see the presence of Psijic Order - who play a big role in this expansion Unlike the past, some new skills have been added to this expansion when you are doing Psijic Order tasks, which you enjoyed very much, namely, time control. There is skill, for example, that completely stops time or slows down opponents. There is also a skill that enables you to go back in time similar to what we saw. Of the Tracer character where these are Skill restart your health level as it had been just a few seconds.

    You'll also be able to visit Artaeum if you are on Psijic Order, which, though small in size, is full of areas you can explore, but in order to unlock time management skills you will need to do many tasks in the Tamriel world, But if you play the game for the first time, I do not think it will be a problem, but it will be an advantage to explore the world for the first time. The expansion also extends to new crafting skills, jewelry or crafting.

    Finally :

    The Summerset expansion adds more interesting hours to TESO, offering a story that takes about 40 hours to finish with some additional tasks. The story may be the best in expansion. Psijic Order plays a big role in this expansion and lets you open a skill set. If you have not tried the game before, this is the time to try it.

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