Tourism in Mexico
    Tourism in Mexico


    *Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Mexico

    • Mexico is one of the most popular holiday destinations around the world and annually attracts nearly 20 million tourists, known for its tequila, Aztec, Mayan and of course being home to Salma Hayek, as well as its anti-drug wars and struggle for freedom.

    • All this along with the spectacular beach resorts on the Pacific Ocean and on the Caribbean side, Mexico offers everything the individual wants for a happy and unforgettable vacation

    This is a list of some of Mexico's most spectacular and beautiful tourist spots.

    1 Acapulco

    • Is an original Mexican resort and is considered to be the top of the tourist resorts since the 1950s and the destination of the first Hollywood stars and the haven of millionaires who want to relax and spend a special holiday, but it depends not only on this class, but it is also a special destination for Mexicans themselves and American students, To "Acapulco" without watching the performance of professional and amateur divers while jumping in the ocean with breathtaking and breathtaking movements.

    2. Guanajuato

    Tourism in Mexico

    • Founded in 1554, an ancient colony on the Sierra Mountains, one of Mexico's richest silversmiths, the magnificent 16th-century mineralization of the city led to the spectacular construction of the city, the spread of beautiful meadows and magnificent buildings, It is fun for pedestrians, especially if you know that cars have underground tunnels and do not go on normal roads.

    3. Oaxaca

    Tourism in Mexico

    • Known as the home of one of the best festivals of the "De los Mutuerto" or the Feast of the Dead, a feast celebrated in many parts of Latin America, the origins of the festival in Mexico to thousands of years where one of the rituals of indigenous cultures such as Zabotec and Aztec, The feast in Mexico begins at the end of October, in which tombs, houses and altars are decorated with flowers for a moral return to the spirits of the dead, with spiritual performances for the people of the tombs.

    4. Cozumel

    Tourism in Mexico

    • Located just off the Yucatan Peninsula, the most popular destination for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, it gained its fame after being discovered by Jack Cousteau in 1959 as one of the world's best dive areas. Since then, the "Cozumel" Nationally protected to protect the delicate balance of coral reefs with an impressive and stunning array of tropical fish.

    5. Los Cabos

    Tourism in Mexico

    • Is a 20-mile stretch of beach on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula and is famous for its white sandy beaches supported by resorts, restaurants, bars and other attractions. It is a great destination for water sports enthusiasts, especially fishing. In the Pacific.

    6. Palenko

    • Palinque is an archaeological site located on the western edge of the Mayan empire of Mexico. Although it is much smaller than some Mayan cities, it contains some of the finest architectural and sculpture models ever produced by the Mayan peoples, 600 m - 800 m, including the temple of inscriptions and the only pyramid in Central America built as a funeral home.

    7. Cooper Canyon

    Tourism in Mexico
    • Is actually a network of valleys, which are several times the length of the Grand Canyon. It passes through the Shahua Pacifico railway, one of the most popular lines for copper exploration. It runs through 37 bridges and 86 tunnels and is 2,400 meters above Sea level, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful views and valleys passing through.

    8. Tulum

    Tourism in Mexico

    • Tulum is located on the east coast of Yucatan Peninsula and is a major port of the Mayan city. It has been built since 1200. The Mayan civilization has been in decline, so it lacks the elegance of some famous beaches, but the tropical backdrop makes it one of the most beautiful tourist spots. Must be missed.

    9. Chichen Itza

    Tourism in Mexico

    • Is the largest Mayan city on the Yucatan Peninsula, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico. The structure of the Pyramid of Cacio is the most famous tourist attraction. The pyramid is uniquely designed and each destination contains a staircase of 91 walls, In the summit and common among them all, there are 365 days of the year, and there is also the Great Corat and the Temple of Karakul, a circular temple as an astronomical observatory.

    10. Teotihuacan

    Tourism in Mexico

    • A new civilization was born in this region in the second century BC and settled in the valley of Mexico. A pyramid was built, including the pyramid of the sun, which was built in 100 AD, the largest pyramid in all of Mexico. The smaller pyramid, called the Moon Pyramid, was then built. It was built in 450 AD, and now, seven centuries after the collapse of the Teotihuacan Empire, the Pyramids were honored and became a tourist attraction by the Aztec tribe.


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