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    Sinota Angelita: The river running deep in the ocean!

    • This underwater river flows through the cave of Sinota Angelita or the Little Angel on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula at a depth of about 100 feet below the surface of the water.

    Underwater Attractions
    Underwater Attractions
    • Sinota river Anjilita deep in the ocean (source image: tecdive.ru).
    • This relatively small river consists of a thin layer of hydrogen sulphate that separates the fresh water above from salt water, allowing dive enthusiasts to swim along this deep-buried river that looks like a river on land.

    • Sinota Anjelita, a natural underground drilling, formed when some calcareous stones collapsed and submerged deep into the ocean. This deep hole, which quickly turned into a water reservoir, was gradually filled with fresh groundwater and brackish water. The reservoir, which has been decomposed, began to produce a cloud of hydrogen sulphate, which separated the freshwater from saline, called the natural phenomenon of halocaine.
    • For trees on both sides of Sinota and Angelita in the depths of the ocean (source image: tecdive.ru).
    • Divers can swim through this heavy sulfur cloud that moves and appears as if it were a river running along tree rows, deep in salt water.
    • As mentioned above, the Sinota-Anjilita River flows deep into the Yucatan Peninsula, which separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea, 15 minutes south of Tulum, in southeastern Mexico, and to experience the deep diving of the Yucatan Peninsula and see the river flowing down , There are many licensed and approved dive centers, which offer this service, in Tulum. Where tourists are transported through the forest to the peninsula (about five minutes),
    • This cost-diving and exploration adventure ranges from $ 120- $ 180, depending on whether you own or want to rent, and how long you will stay underwater.

    Bimini Road in the Bahamas .. The pharaohs passed from there!

    • One of the most popular tourist attractions in the Bahamas. It is a stone path / road half a mile underwater, and because of its infinite accuracy, it looks like a man-made work, carved and refined elsewhere and then transported to the underwater.
    • The road was discovered in 1968, a rectangular rectangular mound next to each other for half a mile. Some geologists see it as a natural phenomenon, formed by geological limestone sediments, not man-made, as another team claims.
    • While some historians believe that the Bimini road, located six meters underwater, is the remains of an abandoned civilization, and that the road leading to the city of Atlantis lost.
    • Some believe that the name Bimini is derived from the ancient Egyptian language and refers to the Pharaonic god protecting travelers at sea, suggesting that ancient Egyptians arrived on trade trips to the Bahamas.

    • The American forecaster Edgar Cayce predicted in 1938 that a stone road and the remains of temples buried in the mud would be discovered in the late 1960s near Bimini, and some thought then that he was talking about Atlantis lost.
    • But archaeologists and geologists refuse to accept the fact that this road is part of a lost civilization and insist that this road was found due to erosion and natural geological factors. Some historians, however, insist that this road, which looks like a quay docked in water due to an earthquake or disaster, It is a mysterious civilization that we know nothing about.

    • Bimini Road is located off the coast of the northern island of Bimini, in the Bahamas, which is a West Indies. Where the islands are located in the Caribbean Sea located in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba and Hispaniola, and to the northwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands, close to the United States of Florida, located to the south-east of the States.
    • To explore the Bimini road, you first have to go to the Bahamas, then to Bimini Island, or to an offshore ferry from Miami, to reach Bimini Island. And then choose one of the many diving centers on the island, which provides diving lovers a fully equipped yacht diving and overnight.
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