Underwater hotels
    Underwater hotels

    The most beautiful 10 underwater hotels:

    Some major hotel brands are trying to introduce new, unconventional attractions to attract more tourists, such as providing villas floating on water off islands in Asia.

    In recent years, underwater hotel rooms have begun to appear, and such rooms seem to be coming strongly in the international tourism sector, especially as they attract tourists with a direct view of marine life. Although not yet deployed, there are few places that offer rooms The hotel is under water.

    In this regard, Business Insider published a report of 10 underwater hotels.

    1 - Atlantis The Palm Hotel "Atlantis The Palm"

    The suites of this Dubai hotel offer some of the most beautiful views in the world. The rooms are located below the Arabian Sea, allowing guests to view fish and marine life sitting above the bed. You can choose between two suites, each with luxurious lounges, a spa, From floor to ceiling, the cost of the night is $ 5,000.

    2 - Manta Resort "

    Located on the island of Pemba in Tanzania, this three-storey waterfront hotel overlooks the coral reefs of the Indian Ocean, as well as two underwater floors up to 4 meters deep. The windows offer a panoramic view of marine life and the cost of accommodation In a double room $ 1500 per night.

    3. Utter Inn in Vasteras "

    The most famous underwater hotel in Europe, located in Sweden's Lake Malaren, is a small 6.5-meter house with two beds, a table, a bathroom and a stove, enough for two people to spend one night at $ 1,750.

    4. World Sentosa Resorts "Resorts World Sentosa"

    Is a two-story house in Singapore, the upper floor contains 11 suites, while the basement is completely underwater, providing a view of about 40,000 sea creatures, the cost of spending one night in one of its rooms more than $ 2000, where there Jacuzzi and mattress in front of window with direct sea view.

    5. The Shark Aquarium

    The Paris Aquarium offers a unique experience of sleeping in a two-person cylindrical room and immerses in a 10-meter-deep aquarium, separated by a 10-inch glass wall between guests and sharks, to enjoy an exhilarating sleep experience and sharks around them , Although the room was once offered for lease on the Airbnb site in 2016, but is now not available for accommodation.

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