World War Z
    World War Z

    World War Z

    The developers of the game had pledged to provide a game experience heavy and new on the idea of zombie with the provision of huge numbers of enemies facing the player, the game was able to fulfill its promises or the game is just another consumption of the idea of zombie, this is what we will learn through our review of the game .

    Game Story:

    The events of the game are derived from a book of the same name released in 2006, the areas in the game and artistic direction generally based on the famous American film of the same name World War Z.

    The story takes place in four cities: New York, Moscow, Palestine and Tokyo. Each city has its own characters. Overall, your task is to escape from the zombie hell in every city through some of the tasks within each city.

    In fact, the game has not developed a story in the real sense, each city in the game has its own rings and within each episode there is a set of parts, each part offers a simple idea linking you to the next part without complexity or a lot of dialogues.

    As the characters change in each city and there is no correlation between the events that occur in cities so we can not say that the game progress story story in the real sense where there is a beginning and an end, but we can only say that the events of the game inspired by the film and the book only and no match Including in terms of story or stages.

    Unfortunately, the lack of interconnecting some of the game experience made empty of some thing and the inventory of some stages and rings of importance, you can, for example, to overlook any stage and not play because it does not affect at all on the experience of playing.

    Style of play:

    The game is a third-person correction game and supports the individual and collective play style, but it is noticed that the character is too close to the screen especially when shooting and it is good to have an update to re-adjust the personal dimensions of the screen.

    The game came in a very different style of play. In fact, the current generation has not yet provided a similar game experience. We can compare the gameplay in World War Z to Left 4 Dead of the previous generation.

    The game basically depends on the idea of ​​cooperative play for each stage consists of 4 players and you are one of the four and even when you play the game alone, the game will complement you the rest of the team members.

    But the value of the game lies in playing with your friends very much and the experience on your own will be much weaker and far from the state of group play, especially with the low AI of the rest of the team in case you play alone, you will find the team members are attached to you everywhere as if they were just not doing any maneuvers or A certain comfort, even to their health level when the patient does not use Medic Kit.

    The game tried to offer a game of online games but unfortunately came below the level, the game of online play offers you the experience of fighting with no other players and not with zombies and this is a big difference from the orientation of the game, everyone plays the game to enjoy the face of the zombie and not meet ordinary characters.

    Each city has its own characters and they are 4 personalities you choose from when you start your favorite personal task. In fact, I did not understand the idea of ​​these characters. They are just figures of form. None of them have specific characteristics or flaws. Even the background of the characters is not important because of the style. The bad story in the game, after each character you play it opens the story of the character and you can read and read the story through the main menu of the game, and the truth I do not understand this way in the presentation of characters, even if the developer was satisfied with a few characters but a story and a coherent inter-city shows the background Shear A personal gift without compromising the play style rather than having many non-living characters.

    Before the beginning of each part of the game you can choose the class you prefer to play and the game could not put fundamental differences between the different Classes so you find yourself not interested in these choices, but this at the beginning of the game only because after each time you play one of the episodes you get On points of experience and a set of currencies to help you open new skills for each class and certainly when you open a wide range of skills you can notice the difference between Classes.

    The very fun part of the game is the number of enemies where facing a huge number of zombies with lots and lots of weapons and ammunition to enter into a violent and bloody experience to a large extent and also enemies vary their enemies is the normal zombie and Screamer, which in turn calls on the rest of the enemies and there are very strong and There are those who spread poison gas everywhere.

    The game tries to provide a set of stages and each stage has its own map and you can return the map with your friends more than once to upgrade the level of personal and collect coins to update the skills and personal weapons, which gives the game value excellent re-play especially as you play with your friends.

    The game put in each stage a set of tasks in an attempt to give maps and value of the idea and at first glance you will feel that the tasks varied and many, but the truth is quite the opposite is very repetitive and do not go out of the operation of some machines or electric switches or search for a part to put it in a part Or the protection of a certain area and in fact not my problem in the repetition but the idea of ​​building the same task For example all the tasks related to the protection of a particular area is very enjoyable and will not feel bored at all while you do unlike the tasks of reform that make you bored but to remind all this boredom It can disappear The game you're playing with real people then each individual in the team will assemble a particular part will not feel the same repetitions because you will collect one piece unlike the case where you play on your own you will have to assemble all the pieces and so forth.

    As for the mini map inside the game is very good and shows the places of tasks accurately and will not tire of access to any task, but there is a very strange observation inside the game, for example, when you open any door or reload the weapon, the game requires you to press at a certain button and this is very logical and logical sense that personal Start with the required movement after the long pressure is pressed on the button and not during it.

    In fact the game provided very good game factors but only the element of group play was better to try to reconcile the idea of ​​collective and individual play to allow all kinds of players to enjoy the game.

    Fee in game:

    In fact, the game has provided a very impressive and unexpected level of graphics. The details of the game are very accurate and the lights are amazing. Most important of all is to handle the huge number of zombies without tire problems or affect the level of graphics, but some zombies sometimes have some bugs This is very logical in light of these huge numbers of zombies but as a whole, the graphical experience of the game is very good.

    In spite of the graphic level of the game, but the world of the game is dead and you can not interact with it you can not use any of the things in the world around you, and you can not push any element, but even if there is a zombie inside a glass room and shot at Glass The shots do not affect the glass and do not execute through it.

    Music and Acoustics:

    The truth is that this is the worst in the game. Voices are generally problematic from the first audios of arms and bullets are very similar and not perfect to the sentences of the repetitive of the very few characters. In addition to the disappearance of the sound at times from the baseline or the decline of the sound level and sudden rise,

    The fact that the sound in the game needs to be updated in the near future.

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